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22 Practical & Easy Ways You Can Help Save the Planet

It’s earth month and here at Mary Ann Weeks HQ we’ve been busy setting up a whole array of different ideas to honour and raise money for our chosen charity ‘Cool Earth’ an organisation that helps to develop better relationships with local farmers and landowners in rainforests and work together to halt deforestation and its impact on climate change. To learn more about cool earth, click here.

In the meantime, we’ve put our heads together to create a practical ‘ready to go’ list of just some of the things we can all be doing to help protect the planet. Good luck!

  • 1. Join the library to get your books on loan rather than buy them
  • 2. Driving at 70mph uses 25% more fuel than driving at 50mph, slow down and enjoy the ride!
  • 3. Collect your kitchen veggie scraps in a freezer bag until full. Simply add water, herbs and seasoning and boil down into a stock. Freeze in mason jars and use instead of those pesky little plastic pots…
  • 4. Turn your central heating down and put extra clothes and blankets on instead!
  • 5. As Viviene Westwood said; “Buy less. Choose Well. Make it last. Quality over quantity”.
  • 6. Bring reusable cups and bottles wherever you go and use tap water rather than bottled
  • AVEDA Shampure Dry Shampoo bottle7. Choose a brisk shower over a bath. Use Aveda dry shampoo for days when your hair needs a pick me up without wanting a full wash.
  • 8. Wrap your gifts in fabric and tie with ribbon for a romantic pretty result that’s re-useable.
  • 9. Always prioritise energy efficiency when buying new products
  • 10. Consider a holiday in Britain and try to avoid air travel; it produces three times more carbon dioxide per passenger than rail.
  • 11. Check out the phosphate levels in your washing up liquid and washing powder – these stimulate the growth of algae in water, which lowers oxygen levels killing plants and fish
  • 12. Hold more dinner parties! The more people you have in one space the better, reducing light and energy consumption to cook it. You’ll use less packaging too for a joint meal.
  • 13. Go veggie or reduce meat consumption. Agriculture is the world’s biggest contributor to greenhouse gases. Plus being veggie is better for your health!
  • 14. Grow your own food as much as possible. If you can’t, then buy local – British Brussel sprouts are better for the planet than you eating Kenyan mange tout.
    grow your own
  • 15. Try a lift share for school drop off or work – see if you can find a way to get more people in one vehicle. Consider walking or bicycles to get your fitness fix.
  • 16. Consider an eco burial when it’s your time – a biodegradable cardboard coffin saves trees and money as well as using less resource and nourishing the earth helping to grow more plants and trees
  • 17. Hang your washing out to dry in the garden rather than using a tumble dryer
  • 18. Grow bee friendly flowers in your garden
  • 19. Consider the wrapping of each product you buy and try to choose the one with paper or card rather than plastic. Cut up plastic rings from beer or tins to avoid killing wildlife. To read about Aveda product packaging click here.
  • 20. Turn off TVs and stereos rather than leaving them on standby
  • 21. Insulate your home properly. Cavity wall insulation can cut heat loss through the wall by up to 60% and most councils will provide this for next to nothing or even for free.
  • 22. Choose to buy from companies with good solid green ethics and boycott those who won’t. Read the Aveda earth and community care reports here for your full assurance of our commitment to caring for our planet.

Mary Ann Weeks Aveda Guildford and Walton branches will be providing the limited edition ‘light the way’ candles in support of earth month. 100% of the purchase price will be donated to Global Green grants fund for water-related projects in 85 countries. Since 2007 we have helped 920,000 people gain access to clean water. To purchase yours, pop in to store today.

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