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How to Be a Morning Person – 5 Ways to Feel More Energised When You Wake

The free and easy summer vibes begin to fade behind us. September is here and so is the routine; holidays over with and kids go back to school and everyone gets back to the routine. That means more traffic and slower journey times, which means you need to be more on the ball!

Do you Hate Starting Your Day Feeling Exhausted?

If you’re a morning person, lucky you. For the rest of us more mortals, it takes a good cup of caffeine to rev the engine and potentially a few hits of the snooze button before admitting defeat and rolling out of bed, sometimes the sluggish feeling dragging on all day. If you’d like to change that, read on…

So How Do We Get More Energised in the a.m?

With just a few small adjustments, how about making your morning look like a completely different experience? Sound good? Well we have taken the advise of our in house Aveda Guildford wellness experts and yoga teachers and come up with a definitive list of 5 things you could be doing to improve not only your morning but your entire day. Here goes:

1. Get 7-8 Hour Sleep Minimum

So obvious! But not getting the sleep you need a genuine issue and will affect the way your next day goes. Set an alarm to tell yourself when you should be going to bed and avoid letting time run away being a phone zombie or watching television too late. Give yourself plenty of time to do what you need to get into bed. Make sure your bed is comfortable and clean and consider a warm bath or shower before getting in. Lavender is the ideal sleep companion and rubbing a drop of lavender essential oil into your wrists or drops on your pillow can help no end in drifting off. We also recommend our upcoming sleep workshop in the Guildford Yoga Studio if you’re suffering with insomnia and sleep deprivation


2. Try a New Sound to Wake to

Sound like a daft one, but if you wake up to a incessant and unpleasant beeping that can put you in a bad mood from the off. How about having an alarm that plays gentle classical music, or inspirational mood? Or what about birdsong? Your brain will receive such noises much more easily than beeps and you’ll open your eyes gently and easily

3. Water First

Take a full glass of water with you up to bed and keep by your bedside. Let that be the first thing you consume when you wake up. Not only will it liven up your morning mouth, it will kick start your metabolism and make sure you’re hydrated all morning. You’ll also enjoy clearer skin.

4. Eat Breakfast

Even if you don’t feel like it, try and eat something. Your body needs you to give it the right fuel to energise you. It doesn’t need to be complicated either – a simple banana and piece of toast, a bowl of reduced sugar granola or muesli or eggs on toast. High in protein and filing enough to get you through to lunch.

5. 2-5 Minute Exercise

This one is especially if you know you’re going to be sitting for much of the day. We’re not talking of a sunrise gym workout here, we’re talking a few stretches or perhaps quick walk around the block. A small boost of oxygen and energy goes a long way to ensure you feel uplifted and ready to face the day. If you can fit a yoga or pilates class in, fantastic, Mary Ann Weeks Aveda Guildford has a morning class every day!


Whatever you do, don’t hit the snooze button! You simply won’t be able to get proper rest and this method can actually make you feel even more tired! Be disciplined and commit to getting up when your alarm goes off. Your body will soon recognise it’s new routine and you’ll feel tired when you are ready for sleep again in the evening.

P.s. We recommend Aveda Rosemary and Mint range for a real boost to the senses in your morning shower! A really effective way to feel cool, refreshed and alert! Rosemary and Mint comes in a shampoo, conditioner and hand and body wash as well as a body cream and bath bar so we’ve got you covered! Available to buy at Mary Ann Weeks Guildford and Walton Stores

With that we wish you a good morning, every morning πŸ™‚

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