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Aveda Earth Month – Mary Ann Weeks Supporting Charity:Water

This April, Aveda is proud to be partnered with Charity:Water. Their mission is to provide access to clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene to those in underdeveloped countries. 

By partnering with this amazing non–profit organisation, we hope to raise funds and awareness of the impact unsafe water is having on a large percentage of the population. With over 785 million people struggling to find this most essential life resource, it is vital we do more to address this crisis. 

What Is The Water Crisis

Did you know that around 2.5% of the water on Earth is drinkable? But only 1% is actually readily available to us. The rest is trapped in glaciers and snowfields. 

It is no wonder the world is struggling to find enough to go around everyone! However, even with this in mind, there are still plenty of us in the more developed areas of the world who are wasting our fresh water and taking it for granted.

Think about a time when you perhaps could have had a shower instead of a bath or used rainwater from a butt in the garden to water your plants instead of a hose. 

Small changes like these are what we’re aiming for as a team at Aveda and Mary Ann Weeks. This way, we reduce the amount of fresh water wasted and are conserving the small amounts we have for ourselves as well as those who need it most.

We’re sure you’ve seen the adverts on TV. They give us a hard-hitting look at the poor children and families out there that are making themselves seriously ill because all they have to drink is unsafe, dirty water. 

If the world did nothing more for these people besides just providing access to clean water, we could save 2 million lives per year. This month, we’re doing everything we can to help our clients and colleagues make a difference and realise how simple it is to save lives around the world! We’d love for you to join this cause too. 

The Aveda Way

With the support of customers like you and others who share our passion for this cause, Aveda has helped families across the world gain access to life-saving clean, freshwater –  something we reap the rewards of every single day. 

The continued work of our amazing team means that over $65million has been raised so far for local and global organisations. Whether you are buying some of our gorgeous Aveda products at the salon, taking part in a fundraiser or simply sharing the message with a friend – you are contributing to a safer future for millions of people.

The mission we share with Aveda is one about caring for the world we live in. Every time you decide to pop into our salons or spas, we want to promote the benefits of our natural Earth. The gorgeous Aveda aromas and luxurious products we use to indulge you are all inspired by nature.

Many other high street salons will use products with harsh chemicals and harmful ingredients. But by offering you all-natural products and holistic treatments, we can actually give back to the environment and encourage sustainable living for each of our customers. This way, we are not taking advantage of the essential resources nature offers us.

We believe this kind of responsibility should be shared by everyone around the world. As a salon, we want to provide you with the most relaxing and nourishing experience possible. Pairing your visit with the benefits of environmentally friendly products can ensure you leave feeling good in yourself and about the service you received!

This balance between quality and resourcefulness is something that comes from the incredible Ayurvedic principles Aveda is built from. 

Your Chance To Get Involved

This month, our focus is on providing clean water, sanitation and hygiene to people in need across India, Nepal and Madagascar. To get our wonderfully generous clients involved, we are holding a raffle with some incredible Aveda prizes up for grabs. 

For just £5 per strip, you will be in the running to win up to £342 worth of luxury Aveda products or stress-relieving treatments from our expert therapists and technicians. Just £5 can go a long way in donating towards this amazing cause.

Think about how long it takes to spend that much on water at home. You could be giving this vital resource to people who have never had the access or capability to enjoy clean water.

Instead of asking them to walk miles at a time and carry heavy cans – we can work together to implement fresh sources and give them the opportunity to create new jobs, attend school and live long, healthy lives in their towns. 

To thank you for helping out, we wanted to offer you the chance to get something extra back. 

As we’ve been talking about our natural products and well-being values, why not have the chance to try them out? As well as donating towards a better future for those in need, you can take some time out for yourself and have a pamper. 

To enter, simply head down to our Guildford branch and receive your raffle tickets. Entries close on April 30th so don’t hang around!

Look After Our Earth

Since 1978, Aveda has embarked on a journey to better care for the world we live in. From being the first beauty brand to use 100% recycled materials in bottle packaging to offering 100% vegan formulas and donating to worthwhile causes like Charity:Water – Aveda have truly broken boundaries in environmental impact. 

The importance of these missions lies in the way we treat the Earth. Making sustainable choices like this allows us to benefit from natural resources like water as often as we like. The adverse effect is usually felt by those less fortunate than us. We must remember that. 

You may not think about it too often, but with just 1% of the world’s water available to us, we need to protect it in order to make it last and benefit everyone! 

As people in the most developed countries, we are in the best position to make better choices and think carefully about the ways we indulge in self-care like spa and salon visits as well as day to day activities like showering! 

Choosing a brand that actively gives back will influence your contribution to the world too! So start with Mary Ann Weeks and Aveda if you want to make a real difference in the way you shop and indulge. 

Just these simple changes will make natural resources available for more people and allow us to create a safe, rich environment for all. We truly want to help you get involved, so why not start with a visit to our salons

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