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Aveda Hair Colour Trends for Spring 2020

How Many Times Do You Hear a Little Kid Asking What Your Favourite Colour Is?

From childhood we are fascinated with colour and the notion of how it can help us to identify what we feel and who we are. Blue is seen as soulful, cool and sad. Red is angry, passionate and hot. Yellow is cheerful, energised and warm. Green signifies forwards, life and health. We use colour to express our every emotion, even using it to shape occasions, whether it’s to wear black at a funeral or white on your wedding day.

At Aveda we took this insight and applied it to our hair colours, with the intention to allow our guests to truly express who they are with their hair too! The Aveda Vibrants range is available in the entire rainbow, meaning you can now be exactly who you want to be and we can please everyone!

Looking forward to Spring 2020, we’ve researched what the fashionistas are forecasting for hair colour trends this season. The ongoing acceptance for complete individuality continues this year, so expect to seeing more colourful and unique hair everywhere you go!


Purple hues are going to be huge in 2020. From lilacs to violet to deeper plum shades, purple signifies intuition, fertility and intrigue.

This is a colour that can be soft, romantic and feminine or downright loud, commanding and flamboyant! Purple is definitely a colour not to be ignored, so why not make a statement with your on trend purple hue this season?


Golden caramel highlights are the one to watch for Spring this year. They ooze old school glamour with a real old Hollywood 50s film star vibe. From creamy to rich, lighter and darker shades, golden caramel is on the money for 2020.

This gorgeous example colour was done by our very own Walton Hairdresser Zoe, who demonstrates just how lush you can get your locks looking in this classic tone. Be sure to ask for a Shine Service for an extra glossy finish to your hair. This treatment takes just 5 minutes but lasts for weeks!


Red means business and if this is the look you go for, rest assured you’ll feel powerful and emboldened. Shade range from fiery orange based reds to pink based raspberrys to more plum tones, so there’s something for every skin tone and style. Rest assured red will personify you and will most definitely get you noticed!

Team your red head with classic black and whites to really showcase your hair colour, or compliment the reds in your hair with neutral tones. If you’re feeling the need to make a bold statement, why not go for the full wow factor with a bright matching colour from our Aveda liquid lip colour range?


We saw an uprise in dip dyeing over the last couple of years and 2020 is set to continue this trend. The possibilities are endless from vivid shades to contrast like we can see here with this gorgeous plantinum ash blonde and blue combination, to more blended tones with dark or lighter hair that compliment your own hair colour. Stunning results come from creativity – use dip dye to bring out your eye colour, simply choose your favourite colour or go for a look which shows the world your unique personality!


The biggest compliment you can give yourself is to follow your own fashion and style yourself based on exactly who you are, be un-apologetically you.

Our team of stylists work hard to be the best they can be to create a salon that is not only the perfect place to relax and escape, but the space that you can explore all the options in creating the look you want from hair, to make up to beauty treatments.

The beauty of Aveda hair colour applied by professional Aveda artists is that the sky is the limit. Choose exactly who you want to be and our talented colourists at the Walton or Guildford hairdressers will make it happen!

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