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Aveda Makeup – 8 Essential Makeup Tips for a Youthful Glow

Our faces evolve as we get older and so it makes sense that our makeup application should too. What worked in your 20s and 30s may not have the desired effect in later life, in fact may age you more!

Mary Ann Weeks Makeup Makeover

For ladies over 50, less is definitely more, with an emphasis on highlighting the best of your features, thinking soft edges and colours that flatter your skin tone and eye colour. Here are some top tips gathered from Aveda makeup artists to help you along your way to ageless beauty!

1. Love Your Skin

Your skin is the single most important feature of a healthy glowing youthful face, so invest your best efforts into protecting and enhancing your skin. If you have clear even toned fresh looking skin, you will barely need anything more than a few light basics to emphasize and flatter your features. Choose products wisely and get into a regular skin care routine that includes a decent cleanser, toner, serum  and moisturiser. We highly recommend booking a personalised Aveda facial , where you will have a special skincare consultation with one of our Aveda beauty therapists who can recommend the right products for your skin. Try reading our blog ‘My fairytale facial’ to learn more about exactly what delights to expect in this experience.

2. Bye bye powder base

inner light foundation avedaIt’s likely that your skin type will change as you become older, so unless you are in the minority whose skin is still oily into your 50s and above, avoid powder foundations. Lines and wrinkles are emphasized by powder which is not the radiance we are aiming for. Aveda artists recommend ‘Inner Light Mineral Tinted moisture’ for all skin types. This oil free, lightweight foundation continues to hydrate eight hours into wear, meaning skin looks fuller and plumper and brighter. Any dark circles and blemishes can be covered with Avedas ‘Inner light concealer’, infused with reflective minerals to add radiance, whilst hiding imperfections. Long lasting and crease resistant with several shades to choose from to compliment your skin tone.

3. Define your cheekbones!

aveda petal essence face accents plum touchSculpting faces doesn’t just mean contouring which is heavy, difficult and unnecessary. In fact, gentle accentuation of our bone structure can transform a weary drooping face into one of rosy glowing health. Try the Aveda ‘Petal Essence Face Accents’ in complimentary trio shades that highlight, flush, blush or bronze as you wish. Talc and mineral oil free means a light application that blends beautifully with the base foundation.

4. Soft Doe Eyes that twinkle

Harsh eyeliner is not the look we want to achieve so try choosing a soft pencil instead. If you’ve always opted for black, try a navy blue, deep grey or rich brown that lends a gentler more natural look whilst still emphasising the natural beauty of your eye colour. Petal Essence Eye definer by Aveda, lines and accents the eyes with a smooth formula that blends with ease. Available in a range of colours, this pencil can also be used for eyebrows.

Made with gentle flower waxes and wood from FSC forests means a sustainable choice that’s kind to the delicate eye area.

5. Never Stop Fluttering Those Lashes

LVL lashes at Mary Ann Weeks AvedaEveryone knows that, whatever your age, the secret to beautiful open eyes is surrounding them with lifted voluminous lashes and at Mary Ann Weeks Aveda we offer a lot of choice. Our makeup range includes ‘Mosscara’ – a thickening mascara that’s smudge and flake-proof, made with a blend of Iceland moss and other plant extracts. Long lasting rich colour to condition and thicken lashes.

If mascara isn’t for you the consider the LVL lash lift – think of it as a mini-perm for your eyelashes – giving your existing lashes lift, volume and length for up to 6 weeks. As well as the LVL lash treatment, Mary Ann Weeks Aveda Guildford and Walton spas also offer eyelash tinting, and extensions, depending on your desired look.

6. Bow to the Brow

Using the Petal Essence Eye definer by Aveda, frame your eyes with definition of your eyebrows. Often the eyebrows can be a little patchy and using emphasis can transform the eyes completely drawing the attention towards your lovely eyes. This useful video breaks down the how to’s on emphasising your eyebrows naturally and with ease.

7. Luscious Lips

It’s entirely natural that lips become thinners as we age and keeping the lips moist and nourished will help to keep them plump and pleasing. Aveda has a 4 step process known as ‘Feed my Lips’ which will make sure your lips are in tip top condition, nourished and smooth.

For a quick tutorial on the best way to apply long lasting lipstick, watch Avedas Global Artistic Director for Makeup, Janelle Geason show you the 4 step method to the perfect pout.

8. Celebrate your Inner beauty and let it Shine Through!

50s makeupMost importantly remember – genuine beauty comes from an inner confidence so be comfortable with being your unique imperfect perfect self! Whatever you do in your makeup regimen, use your wisdom to know that an open smile and a twinkle in the eye will always win hearts. Even if you are fighting against growing old, don’t be afraid of being a mature woman – old age is a privilege denied to many, and it’s wonderful to set those younger women a great example in pride and elegance beyond looks.

Learn to love the beauty that the years have earned you, and use your beauty regimen to compliment what you already have going for you.

To learn more about Avedas skin care or makeup range or have a tutorial from one of our in house makeup artists, just give us a call on 01483 306655 for Guildford and 01932 240856 for Walton.

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