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Aveda Rituals of Renewal at Mary Ann Weeks Guildford & Walton Hair Salons

Here at Mary Ann Weeks Aveda we strive to be the best. Not just the best stylists, or the best therapists or the best studio teachers, but to provide the best experience for our guests.

One of the ways we provide that service is through our classic Aveda Rituals, which are complimentary offerings provided by our staff. These rituals are that extra special gesture from us to you, to give you the exceptional Aveda experience you should expect from the moment you walk through the door and beyond the moment you leave.

So what are these rituals? Here’s a list of what we provide here at Mary Ann Weeks Aveda Guildford and Walton Salons and spas for you to enjoy during your time with us…


Your hair will be shampooed twice with a specifically chosen Aveda shampoo for your needs, during which you’ll be treated to a gorgeous extended head massage, focusing on pressure points. Super relaxing…

Blissful head massage at Mary nn Weeks Aveda


The Aroma sensory journey is based on the importance of smell! Our sense of smell conjures up imagination, memory and emotional response. We know that certain aromas can bring back a lost moment with amazing clarity and so the ‘Aroma sensory journey’ takes on a fun and enjoyable exploration of discovery.


We carry a lot of stress in our neck and shoulders and this 3-5 minute treat promotes a sense of well being and relief as this massage covers the spine, temples and earlobes as well as the shoulders! It will definitely get you in the mood for pampering and enjoying your salon experience!


Aveda stress relieving hand massages feel divine

Your hands will be gently taken on a spine tingling massage using our classic best selling Aveda Hand Relief cream for deep moisture. Particular attention is paid to pressure points and married with expert techniques for an all over glow


If you’ve had a lovely new hair cut or manicure at our salon, why not ask for a finishing touch ritual? Our therapists are trained in makeup artistry and will gladly choose a lip shade from our ‘feed my lips’ range. The colour palette is specially designed to suit and match your hair tone. Our new Aveda eyebrow pencils are also just right for shaping your brows so when you leave our venue you feel as beautiful as you look!


Aveda comforting tea with liquorice and peppermint contains no sugar or caffeine

You will always be offered a cup of Aveda Comforting Tea™ to welcome you, because we are inviting your into our home 🙂 We know here in Britain how important tea is to our culture and tea ceremonies extend all over the world from Japan to China to India. Tea has always been a drink to be shared with others and there is comfort in that simple exchange of giving and receiving

So now even more reason to come and visit! Why not ask for one of these rituals next time you’re in? Book yourself an appointment in our prestigious salon with Aveda trained stylists by using our online booking service or calling 01483 306655 for Guildford or 01932 240856 for Walton

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