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Aveda Smooth Infusion… Eliminate the Frizz for Good!

Our Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother has earned it’s title as best seller, proving popular for all hair types from those wanting smooth sleek long hair to those wishing to ditch the frizz. 12 hours is a comfortably long boasting time to maintain your dream hair so let’s learn more about this soft turquoise gem and how to use it…

Step by step instructions 
Introduce the style prep right after washing, conditioning and towel drying your hair. This plant based product is kind enough to use several times a week so don’t think it’s for special occasions only!  

Simply pump Style-Prep Smoother and rub between your palms, smoothing is evenly throughout your damp hair. A little goes a long way so a bottle will last you a good while (value for money!). 

That’s literally it – you can go ahead and style your hair as normal. Notice the immediate difference, not only in frizz reduction but in seeming to make your hair appear even straighter. Organic aloe, maize and guar bean acts like a coating to smooth out the hair shaft and reflects the light to give shine and healthy.

That’s not all, there are several members in this range including the shampoo and conditioner, the smoothing masque (for really deep down conditioning), and the nourishing styling creme, to give you manageable control over your hair even in humid conditions. 

To find out more about this marvellous little product range, ask for it during your next visit to the Mary Ann Weeks Aveda salon in Guildford or Walton. Our stylists will be able to show you exactly how much you to use and which is the best product for your hair specifically. Give us a call on 01483 306655 for Guildford or 01932 240856 for Walton

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