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Balayage or Ombré? Explore at Mary Ann Weeks Aveda Guildford and Walton Hair Salons…

What’s the Best Colour Option for Your Hair? Use this Handy Guide to Find Out!

If you’ve ever looked at lightening or colouring your hair, then its not surprising if you get confused about the different terminology out there. Like with any profession, hairdressers have their own dialogue of jargon and sometimes stylists forget that not everyone knows what they’re talking about! That in mind, here at Mary Ann Weeks Aveda Guildford and Walton, we thought it would be useful to put together a quick guide to help you understand the differences between every day colour options from ombré to balayage and babylights to dip dye.

This is colour at it’s most subtle, called baby lights as they replicate the fine wispy baby hair from when you were very young. Very fine scattered highlights are often placed around the face to give a sense of lift and softening around the face. This is a natural look that gives depth and radiance. A gorgeous start for those timid of colouring their hair.

Examples of Natural Looking Babylights

This is when the bottom part of the hair is gradually lighter than the top, giving the appearance of sun kissed hair that’s grown out. It’s popular because it’s low maintenance (no growth at the roots!) and the look is fairly natural with soft unsymmetrical lines and a casual beachy finish. Fantastic with straight or wavy hair and best for hair that is shoulder length or longer. Balayage has been pretty huge in hair world for the past few years and it’s still bang on trend if that’s a look you’d like to explore!

Beautiful Balayage from Aveda Artists

Similar to balayage, but with a more defined difference between lightened and darker roots. Unlike balayage that plays with the existing tones in the hair, ombré is more dramatic. Wavy and curly hair are a great match for
ombré , because the curls help to blend the two dynamic shades. Half or even two thirds of the hair shaft receives the colour and you’ll see a pretty bold line in the change of colour. If you’re into a dramatic and more fashionable look, then ombré is for you!

Striking Ombre

Another hot trend from the past couple of years. This is instead of a full head of colour and is applied only to the ends of the hair. Dip-dyeing is as it’s sounds, like your hair is simply dipped into the colour! This is a fantastic option if you like playing with bold colours and like a funky playful look!

Funky Dip Dye for a Playful Young Look

Aveda colour is a perfect way to treat your hair, because it ranges from 97-99% naturally derived formulas. Every strand is drenched in natural oils that maintains the condition and gives exceptional shine!

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