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Be Your Beautiful Best This Christmas With Aveda

We all know the drill at Christmas; drink, eat and be merry right?

With the Christmas coundown clock ticking, celebrations intensify and it’s easy to completely forget our resolutions to be healthy and look after ourselves! We get swept away in the present buying, food planning and party season. Plenty of time is spent thinking about our hair, outfits and makeup so we look our very best.

But What About Your Skin?

The cold weather creates enough problems for our skin with increased dryness and dehydration with more visible lines. Flaky or red patches with sore cracked lips add to the look!

A large part of the problem is the contrast between being outside in icy winds and then inside with artificial heat sources. This can cause a real problem for our skin, which is simply not designed to cope with such extreme changes so rapidly.

And That’s Not All…

Of course, healthy looking skin is even harder to come by when most of us are over-indulging and partying at Christmas time!

Late nights mean tired eyes with big grey bags. Celebrations with extra alcohol mean blotchy dehydrated skin with excessively high levels of salt and sugar, with blood vessels dilating causing us to look flushed. Persistant drinking can cause visible thread veins.

Christmas party foods like salt based crisps and nuts lead to more dehydration which make skin look dull, or with water retention leaves us looking puffy faced.
Sugary snacks and chocolate are full of free radicals that lead to a rise in blood sugar levels, which means extra insulin production and inflammation which breaks down collagen in our skin leaving it more wrinkled and sagging. We also know that the leptin hormone, which is specifically there to help us know when we’re full up, is affected after consuming too much sugar. That means more consumption! These hormone imbalances also affect our skin function and lead to irritability, spots and redness.

So you can see that protecting your skin is even more important at this time of year and by taking extra care, you can keep your radiant and glowing skin. Simple tips like getting enough sleep with a few early bed times and being sure to keep well hydrated for flushing out toxins really help.

But What Else Can I Do?

One of the most important things you can do to protect and nourish your skin is book yourself in for a facial. Facials are seen as a real luxury and not many of us can afford one so close to Christmas, but think of it as a gift to yourself at this time of year that will keep your skin nourished through the whole Christmas period.

There are so many benefits to an Aveda facial, from the deep cleansing of your skin, to unblocking pores, to ridding dead skin cells makes your skin look dull. Especially whilst your skin is vulnerable to the cold weather, an Aveda customised facial will offer deep moisture and hydration and really help bring your skin back to its full glory.

Aveda skincare experts recommend you get a facial once every 6 weeks, to compliment your skins natural renewal process and as a boost to your regular skincare routine. Beautiful skin truly is the secret to ageing gracefully and looking radiantly healthy.

The Aveda Customised Facial is for all skin conditions from dry, oily, uneven, ageing, sensitive and acheic skin conditions as well as to alleviate any eye concerns. A thorough consultation gives our therapists all the information they need to provide you with the best personalised combination of Aveda products to achieve your skincare goal. Specialised techniques that stimulate circulation, as well as relieve tension in the face through the marma pressure points. Skin is plumper, clearer and rejuvenated. Dramatic improvements can be seen in signs of premature ageing, open pores, skin texture, clarity and radiance.

At Mary Ann Weeks Aveda Guildford and Walton, we offer a range of Aveda skincare treatments from our signature Aveda Customised Facial, to the Aveda Perfecting Plant Peel (like a natural chemical peel), the Aveda Botanical Skin Resurfacing (our version of microdermabrasion) and the Aveda Dual Exfoliation Treatment, which deeply exfoliates. Add on Restorative Eye Therapy and Energising Eye Treatments to help your eyes come alive! Book your facial online or call us on 01483 306655 for Guildford or 01932 240856 for Walton

And Remember!

Right now and until 24th December, Mary Ann Weeks Aveda are offering free hair treatments and products with every gift voucher over £40 purchased! That means you could book yourself in for a facial and get yourself some delightful extras to share with loved ones or just have them for yourself as a special treat! Be sure to claim this offer before it’s gone by visiting our Guildford or Walton Stores in person or by booking online here

Our Exclusive Gift Voucher Offer is Only Available Until 24th December

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