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Best massage tips to do list, to treat your loved one this valentine

1. Prep the room…

Close the curtain, light some candles and switch the phones off! Play some gentle background music and make sure your room is warm.

2. Prep the massage space and your tools…

Lay a large fluffy towel on the bed, floor or surface that you intend to massage your partner, then make sure you have a duplicate to cover the parts of your partner than you are not going to be working on. Gather the ‘carrier oil’ Aveda composition oils are perfect for this, and choose your essential oil.

Essential oils can have different connotations and heighten different senses! See Mary Ann Weeks Guildford or Walton stores for our essential oil collection and our different composition oil collections which can be used alone or as a carrier oil to add our essential oils.

  • Lavender – Relaxing – Available instore at Mary Ann Weeks Aveda Walton or Guildford stores – £18.50 for Lavender Fleurs Oil Single note
  • Ylang Ylang – aphrodisiac
  • Sandalwood – improves libido
  • Patchouli – calming and perfect for a relaxing experience. Can be layered well with Aveda Vanilla or Tangerine to create a unique scent just for you and your partner to enjoy. Available to buy at Mary Ann Weeks Aveda Guildford or Walton salon and spa.
  • Cardomom oil – increases intimacy
  • Ginger oil – hot and spicy!
  • Rose oil – romantic
  • Jasmine oil – aphrodisiac
  • Bergamot – Relaxing and Sensual – A refreshing aromatic oil with a sweet and citrus aroma that can be layered well with lavender or rose. Also available at Mary Ann Weeks Aveda Guildford or Walton stores.

For an occasion like this, we recommend our very special Aveda ‘Love’ Composition oil is perfect for this occasion – a divine oil with a sensual aroma and extremely nourishing for the skin. No need to add essential oils here, it’s ready to go.

3. Massage

Make sure your fingernails are short enough, that you are comfortable and relaxed, and then begin. Once you’ve started, try not to take your hands away from your partners body, as remaining contact keeps a sense of security and intimacy.

Consider sitting straddling your partners buttocks to create connection and intimacy and keep your knees bent to avoid bearing all of your weight on to your partner. Try to avoid talking so that you continue to maintain an atmosphere that is romantic, sensual and relaxing without being distracting for either of you. Imagine an exchange of energy between you both as you work and breathe smoothly alongside the motion.

Begin with simply spreading the oil and stroking it along the length and breadth of your partners back. This is an important way to begin the process of massage so don’t skip it. Be sure to finish one part of the body before you move to the next.

Use long firm strokes, looking for knots that you can massage and work knots out of your partners body, avoiding bearing down on organs or bony areas.

Traditionally, massage begins with the back, neck and shoulders so this is a great place to start. The neck and shoulders are real containers for held stress so working with these areas will trigger a relaxation response immediately. Use gentle circular motions with your thumbs and be careful not to apply too much pressure. Working your way down the spine, make sure you pay attention to the vertebrae in the back. linger around either side of the spine as you work down towards the buttocks. When you arrive at the very bottom of the spine (the sacrum) just above the buttocks, be careful not to apply too much pressure, this can be a very sensitive part of the lower back.

Massage the buttocks in kneading motion, no need to be gentle here as the fleshy parts will act as cushioning. Use your whole palms and make circular motions in all directions.

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