Guest Information for your visit to our Salon & Spa

Mary Ann Weeks is delighted to be able to, once again open its doors from Monday 6th July but will be operating under the strict guideline as imposed by the Government. We will be strictly adhering to these for the foreseeable future in order to maintain our clients and teams safety.

We have made some changes within the salon and spa and we hope these changes will ensure that you have a relaxing and safe experience with us. If you have any other questions, please do let us know before you arrive at the salon.

What do I need to do when I come in for an appointment?

  • You will be required to be near the salon at least 5 minutes before your appointment. You will receive a phone call from our front of house or your spa therapist informing you to come to the salon or spa for your booked appointment. If you arrive any more than 5 minutes late, your appointment will need to be rescheduled to another day.
  • When you are coming into the salon/spa for a confirmed booking, please bring your mobile phone to allow us to contact you. We can accept all of the usual payment types – cash, credit/debit card and Apple Pay.
  • If you do need to bring a small bag, please could you also bring a plastic bag to put this in before you come into the salon and please keep it with you at all times. Please do not bring in any extra bags of shopping, etc.
  • The front of house team/spa therapists will be taking your temperature on arrival for your appointment. Please do not be offended by this request.
  • We will be providing disposable face masks and disposable gowns for your use during your time in the salon or spa.
  • When you come for your appointment you must come alone, please do not bring children, pets or other family members with you.
  • We will not be offering Children’s (Under 16) haircuts until guidelines have been relaxed further.

What has changed in the Salon?

  • We have ensured that each client seat is 2 meters apart and as such the salon will be working at a limited capacity.
  • For your appointment you will remain with the same stylist or therapist for the duration of your visit, during this time we cannot offer two different stylists on the same day. You will need to book for separate appointments.
  • You will be the only client the stylist has during your appointment.
  • We have missed you all so much but virtual hugs only please!
  • There is no waiting area and so your stylist will show you straight to your chair.
  • All stylists will be wearing protective clothing for your appointment, which will include an apron, gloves, mask or visor. These will be changed after every client.
  • Each clients chair will be wiped and sprayed between appointments and new sterile equipment will be used for each client.
  • All our gowns and towels are now all disposable.
  • We will not be offering drinks.
  • We will not be offering magazines to read.
  • Our front of house team will be behind a Perspex screen and you will be able to pay and make new appointments through this.
  • We will not be offering hair treatments, head, or hand massages at this current time.
  • We will not be booking blow dry only appointments during this re-opening phase.
  • If you would like to thank your stylist, please note we can not take tips on debit/credit cards.

Opening Hours – Guildford

Monday – Thursday: 8.30am – 8.30pm
Friday – Saturday: 9am – 6pm
Sunday: 10am – 5pm

Opening Hours – Walton

Monday-Friday: 9.30am to 5pm
Saturday: 9am to 6pm
Sunday: 10am – 5pm

We cannot wait to see you all again; we have missed you all so much!
Julian, Mary, Cathie & Jo

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