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Eyebrow Threading Guildford (and all the Benefits of Facial Threading!)

Are you getting sick of your usual methods of removing facial hair? Eyebrow threading and facial threading in general has surged in popularity lately and it’s not hard to see why. From pop up booths in shopping centres to beauty spas all over the UK, Mary Ann Weeks Aveda is delighted to be introducing a great facial hair threading menu into our Guildford Spa.  So how does threading work and what are the benefits of threading over other methods of hair removal? Let’s explore!

What is Threading?

Threading is a simple yet extremely effective method of temporary hair removal. Using fine cotton threads, tiny hairs are caught and pulled out at the root, much like with tweezers except you can pull several hairs at once.

This makes it particularly good for removing hair on the face. Natural hair threading can be done on larger areas, but it’s not time effective and so isn’t something most venues will offer.

Practitioners are able to remove even the finest hairs on the upper lip, cheeks and chin, although eyebrow threading in particular has grown in popularity because of the beautiful array of eyebrow threading shapes that can be achieved.

Originally from Iran and widely practiced all over India and Bangladesh, threading is a completely natural way to remove hair, making it appealing for those wishing to have least environmental impact when grooming.

How to do Threading

Threading takes a considerable amount of co-ordination and skill and isn’t something you can easily do yourself at home (unless you’ve been trained).

Despite the tools of the job being fairly simple (essentially a reel of 100% cotton, a tiny pair of scissors and perhaps a small facial brush to help ‘lift’ the hairs), the process of threading is specific.

Firstly the area will be prepared, by checking and cutting any excessively long hairs first. For brow threading, your beautician may pencil out the desired shape as a guide to accuracy whilst they’re working.

The threading practitioner or qualified beautician will then use a length of thread that’s a few inches longer than the length of their forearm (around 15-24 inches), although when working with intricate areas, the shorter the length, the more control you have.

The thread is then wound around into a large loop and tied securely. The large loop is stretched between the hands before being twisted in the middle several times.

Twisting is done by rotating one hand inside the loop with the palm facing upwards. It is within the twists that the hair is trapped and pulled from.

Once there is approximately one inch of twisted thread, the beautician is ready to apply the twisted cotton thread to the area for hair removal.

Using a see-saw motion the threads are passed across the surface of the skin, scissoring the threads and trapping the hairs between them, whilst pulling upwards.

Although many therapists will open and close their hands to create the see-saw movement, it is also common practice for experienced practitioner to have one end held between a set of fingers and thumbs and the other is held in the mouth. This is so that her free hand can be used to manipulate the thread for precision and to hold the skin taunt for best results.

Perfect threading will achieve baby smooth skin without a single hair left.   

Here’s a great video explaining more about threading and its history and technique:

Does Threading Hurt?

Threading can sting a little, especially if you’re sensitive around the upper lip, but generally speaking it’s so quick the pain is worth the result.

Skin can be left with a little redness and a good beautician will have a cooling gel or cold compress on standby to reduce swelling and help with any unpleasant sensations.

Benefits of Threading

Face threading benefits are many but some of the most common reasons women (and now men!) are choosing facial threading over other methods of hair removal are:

You Get an Excellent Finish

In particular, the benefits of eyebrow threading well outweigh waxing because the results are so precise. Eyebrows threading works by shaping the brow from the top and the bottom for a really clean line.

Because threading gets every single hair, you’ll enjoy a flawless base that you can apply your makeup to.

It’s Less Painful

Because threading is so quick and takes many more hairs out than tweezers, the overall experience is less painful with many reporting it to feel almost cleansing for the skin.

Threading is Super Quick

In a hurry? No problem – threading is so quick you’ll be in and out within 15 minutes for a full facial threading appointment and less if you’re just having your top lip treated.

Less Ingrown Hairs

Unlike with waxing or an epilator, threading doesn’t cause ingrown hairs.

You Don’t Have to ‘Grow’ Your Hair Beforehand

With waxing, your hair needs to be a certain length so the wax and get a ‘grip’ on it. With threading, hair only needs to be just above the surface of the skin, which means less embarrassing mid-way growth between appointments.

Long Lasting

Threading lasts 4-8 weeks, with some claiming it lasts longer than other hair removal techniques

Threading is Better for Sensitive Skin

Thanks to having zero chemicals and being far less likely to irritate the skin, threading is great for anyone with sensitive skin. It also leaves the top layer of the skin intact, unlike waxing.

In fact, threading is recommend by dermatologists for anyone with any skin type or hair colour, except for those suffering with acne or severe skin conditions. If you’re unsure, please get in touch for a consultation.

It’s More Affordable than Waxing

Facial and eyebrow threading cost is infinitely cheaper than waxing, simply because of needing so little equipment and the time taken to administer

Add on to Another Guildford Spa Treatment

If you’ve had your brows sorted, why not add a facial or massage to your facial threading appointment? Enjoy a real treat of soothing aftercare from your threading experience and soak in the gorgeous ambiance of our luxury Guildford spa.

Disadvantages of Threading

Threading is not recommended on areas of the skin that are acne prone. This is because threading, although gentle, could irritate the damaged skin further.

Additionally, you could end up with spots after threading, a day or two after your appointment. This is when the hair follicles become inflamed and attempt to recover from the hair loss.

However, there is no greater risk of this happening in threading than in other hair removal methods.

It’s always a good idea to apply a cold compress or cooling gel to minimise any redness or inflammation and make sure to keep the skin clean.

Eyebrow Threading Guildford

Our qualified beautician threading is done by the lovely Kiran. Mary Ann Weeks Aveda Guildford spa options and prices are:

  • Full face threading (£30)
  • Chin & lip threading (£15)
  • Chin threading (£8)
  • Lip threading (£8)
  • Sideburns (£8)
  • Eyebrows threading (£15)
  • Threading & eyebrow tint (£25)

And in case you were wondering – we include men eyebrow threading and beards too!

If it’s your first time threading eyebrows or other areas on your face and you have questions, please feel free to contact our friendly spa staff on 01483 306655 for more information. To book yourself in for your threading session, or for any other of our spa treatments just click on the button below and it will take you straight to our booking software.

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