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Facial Acupuncture – The Safe Way to Regain Youthful Skin – SPRING OFFER

Do you sometimes catch yourself in the mirror and wonder how all those lines got there? Do you see photographs of yourself and the first thing you notice is the crows feet, or the frown lines?

Are you suffering with angry acne and nothing seems to work to calm it down?
We know exactly how you feel! It’s hard to feel confident when your skin isn’t clear and smooth!

Angry acne made calm with facial acupuncture

Have you heard of acupuncture? If you have, you’ll know that for some strange reason, these little needles seems to really have an effect on the body, on back pain, migraines…and guess what? They also work on the face!

This non-invasive and relaxing facial treatment called facial acupuncture can have dramatic effects on lines, wrinkles, drooping skin and acne!

Before and after facial acupuncture

Known as the ‘natural botox’, facial acupuncture works by encouraging natural collagen production, improving muscle tone and clearing toxins. Skin is plumped and lines reduced.. all while you fall into deep relaxation

Treatment is super calming and involves laying on a soft warm massage bed having your face gently cleansed. A facial massage with a jade gua sha (very very relaxing and soothing) is given which drains the lymph pathways and detoxes your skin.
Then extremely fine, sterile acupuncture needles are gently inserted into specific areas of the face that have lost elasticity and radiance.

Super relaxing even though it doesn’t look it!

For the rest of spring, Mary Ann Weeks has an amazing deal on facial acupuncture, with prices NO MORE EXPENSIVE than a facial, but with results that could be even more astonishing and long lasting!

Look younger, detox your skin and minimise your wrinkles.. Take advantage of this great unique offer before it ends!

Spring Offer Prices:

  • NEW 45 min express taster / maintenance session 45 minutes – £50
  • 60 min session x1 – £69 (reduced from £75)
  • 60 min sessions x3 – £195 (reduced from £225)
  • 60 min sessions x6 – £360 (reduced from £420)
  • 60 min sessions x10 – £550 (New best price option)

Enjoy a FREE soothing hand massage with every 60 minute treatment for even more delightful sensations while the needles work their magic!

Treat yourself to confidence in your new clear youthful skin and book yourself in online via our website or call our lovely reception staff on 01483 306655 who can guide you though the options.

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