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Ayurveda Massage – The Benefits of Facials using Marma Points

Ayurveda is the ancient art of healing from India, using nature, seasons, natural foods and energy as an individual guide for health. Ayurvedic treatment for the face and body includes using marma therapy for body and facial massage.

Ayurveda Massage

Most Aveda fans already know that their hair and skin care products are founded on the blend of the power of Ayurveda and science. But did you know, we also use ayurvedic massage in our hair and luxury spa services too?

Using a combination of essential oils, mantras and Ayurvedic marma point massage, gives guests an elevated experience that doesn’t just tackle the stress in the muscles, but takes you on a boundless sensory and spiritual journey too.   

marma points door to inner body

Marma Points

Known in the ancient Vedic era as ‘bindu’, marma points identify mystical points on the outer body, that when pressed, can activate a ‘door’ to the inner body.

Ayurveda believes that healing comes from within the body itself, so when these marma points are stimulated, they encourage the body to get to work on ailments and pain.

The 107 points located around the whole body and are found where muscles, vein, ligaments bones and joints meet. Each Marma point has its own name, associated health benefit and technique to stimulate it. Marmas differ in size and are traditionally measured in ‘anguli’ or ‘finger units’.

Marma points can be extremely powerful for doing good, but also harm! When pressed in certain martial arts, some marma (or marmani) are used to inflict pain or even paralysis. In Ayurveda however, marmas are only used for healing.

The Benefits of Marma Point Massage

Using these marma energy points, provides a number of benefits. When used properly, an ayurvedic marma point massage can be used

  • As an antidote to pain
  • To arouse stagnant sexual energy
  • To trigger the relaxation response
  • To release held tension and stress
  • To increase blood flow
  • To improve the condition of skin
  • To boost immunity

Medically, marmas are recognised as neuro-lymphatic points. That means they stimulate the lymph glands, which increases your immunity. Marmas also relieve muscle stiffness and boost circulation.

Specific essential oils are used during marma point massages, depending on a persons ‘Dosha’ or energy type. Working with the energetic body is as powerful as working with the physical body. Working with both can be transformative!

This bespoke approach makes sure that each individual gets the absolute best from their experience.

Senior Spa Therapist Veronika Demonstrating Facial Massage Techniqu

Sensual Massage Pressure Points

Like in traditional Chinese medicine, where pathways (meridians) transmit ‘chi’ around the body, marmas use a similar knowledge of body mapping.

Where the Chinese use this knowledge for acupuncture and acupressure, ayurveda uses marma points. Indian Ayurveda also recognises there are connections between certain body parts and organs, including sensual parts.

An expert marma therapist can manipulating these connections as desired, whether for health reasons, to de-stress or to evoke a more sensual experience. By unblocking stagnant energy (prana), it’s common to release pent up emotions, which can be deeply rejuvenating and healing.

Of course, massage is one way to use marma points, the other is for facials.

Benefits of a Facial

Regular facials have been proven to have many benefits and not just from a beauty perspective.

For a start, facial massage techniques are incredibly relaxing and bring down cortisol (stress hormone) levels. The lymph nodes in the face and neck are stimulated, helping them process and rid the body of toxins and free radicals.

Blood flow is increased, which generates fresh cell turnover and gives skin more tightness. Dead skin cells are removed which presents the fresh, soft, supple and more youthful skin underneath.  Click Here for more therapist skincare tips on how to avoid wrinkles!

Finally, by massaging the skin, nourishment from the skincare products themselves is able to penetrate more deeply. If you’re using quality products like Aveda, which use 96% natural ingredients that’s no bad thing!

As with most things, the more regular the treatment, the more transformative it can be for the skin health and ageing.

Ayurvedic Marma Point Massage

Learning where at least some of the marma points are located means you’re
able to use them for your own self-care ritual.

Here’s a helpful marma point face chart, to help you identify and locate the key marma points in your face. Read the descriptions below the image for tips on what each marma point does and how to stimulate each one.

Once you’ve tried gently pressing and holding on these areas for yourself and seeing what you respond. Once you’re comfortable with where they are, try it out on your partner too.


The Phana are found either side of the base of the nostrils, where they open out and measure just 1/2 an anguli. Using the index fingers, massage using strong small circular motions simultaneously for 1-3 minutes. When working with this marma, symptoms of headaches and sinus congestion is relieved, particularly when using essential oils like peppermint and eucalyptus with carrier oils. 

Apanga Marma

The Apanga marma, is found on outer corners of both eyes and are 1/2 an anguli. These marmas are said to bring clarity and improve perception. They also control the senses, in particular the eyes and vision. 

Vidhur Marma

There are two locations for the Vidhur marma, both behind and below both ears. Measuring 1/2 anguli, these presure points are said to control the senses, in particular the ears and hearing, whilst relieving stress and tension in the head. 

Shankha Marma

The Shankha Marma is found either side of the head on the temples. approximately 1/2 an angula, this Marma is about the sense of touch and is said to influence the large intestine.

Utkshepa Marma

Slightly higher up than the Shankha, the Utkshepa Marma is located where where the hair meets the scalp, in the temple area, on either side of the head. Said to control the sense of smell, it is 1/2 angula in size.

Avarta Marma

Right at the midpoint just above each eyebrow is where you’ll find the Avarta marma, which are mostly bony to touch. 1/2 and angula and said to influence the posture of the whole body and the sense of sight.

Sthapani Marma

The Sthapani marma is located between the eyes and controls the 6th chakra – the Ajna, predominately a centre for wisdom and insight. Approximately half an angula in size, when stimulated accesses the pituitary gland and all the senses.

Chibuk Marma

Chibuk is right in the centre of the chin, said to govern the health and condition of the skin

Other Powerful Marma Points to try

Why not try activating these two Marmas yourself to see how you feel? Settle into a seat and spend a couple of moments taking deep slow breaths to relax before you begin…

Hridaya (The Heart Marma)

The heart Marma is found at the centre of the chest bone (the sternum) and measures 4 anguli. Connect to the powerful centre of your heart by simply placing your palm on this area. For deeper therapy work, use the palm of your hand to massage gently with sesame oil, which is said to calm the hearts energy. Alternatively mustard oil can be used for improving circulation.

Talahridaya (The Hand Marma)

The Talahridaya is found in the very centre of the palm and measures 1/2 an anguli in size. Known as the ‘heart of the hand‘, it’s said to be closely linked to the Anahata (the heart chakra), which stimulates circulation through the entire body (much like the heart does).

Massaging this point opens the communication channels and enhances flow of prana (energy) to the palms. Using essential oils like eucalyptus will open up blocked sinuses, or energise the point further by rubbing the palms together to build heat.

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