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Find your Ideal Weight with Affordable Nutritionists Sessions and get ‘Slim With Science’!

Are you sick of catching sight of your belly in the mirror or shop window? Have you noticed your wobbly thighs and arms more lately and cringe? Do you want to be confident this summer wearing short sleeves and lighter clothing? Is it time for you to start taking back control of your weight after a long winter?

Are you confused about the conflicting information you read or hear about Nutrition? Not sure what to believe or what really works? Or, not getting the results you want leading up to the summer? 

Well, on Tuesday 14th May at 6pm, we have the Nutrition experts from Slim with Science starting their affordable weekly Nutrition group which will provide you with the food choices that work which will improve your health, lifestyle, body composition, and energy levels.

The ethos is to deliver evidence based nutrition (based on the science) which has a  significant impact on their members’ quality of life. Their growing members that attend to lose body fat and increase energy levels have had fantastic results and the images speak for themselves.

Before and After – Slim with Science Attendees

The weekly group costs £10 per week or £30 per month, a fraction of the going cost of a Nutrition consultation (~£100-200). In the weekly group, you’ll have easy to implement and understand Nutrition strategies which directly enhance your health, lifestyle, body composition and energy levels. You will be able to ask questions throughout and it will be interactive which ensures you’re able to personalise the advice provided. 

Invest in your health and wellbeing now, all for the cost of a coffee and some lunch! CLICK HERE TO BOOK YOUR SESSION NOW

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