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Get Thicker Fuller Hair with New Aveda Products

Thicker fuller hair is associated with youthfulness and health. It frames the face beautifully and naturally has lift and volume in abundance. Those lucky ones with thicker fuller hair shake out their healthy mane and manage to look both statuesque and vibrant all at once. However, if you naturally have finer hair, or you notice that you are thinning down and even developing bald patches on the crown of your head, you’re not alone. Thinning hair is the number one concern amongst men and women, spurring the production of hundreds of hair products to reduce hair loss and at getting thicker hair. If you’ve started wondering how to make your hair thicker or even just how to give it more volume so it appears thicker, then there’s plenty you can do with inside info and some top Aveda hair products!

The good news is that a lot of the time, hair CAN be regrown, depending on the reason you’re losing it and what you do from there. Read on to learn more about the reasons hair is thin, along with some great little tips from our very own professional Aveda hairdressers in Guildford and Walton, Surrey.

Reasons for Thinning Hair

It’s important to understand the difference between thin hair and fine hair.

Fine hair is the actual size of the hair strand, whereas thin hair is the amount of hairs on the head. So the less hairs you have, the thinner your hair becomes.

The size of the hair follicle determines how thick the hair strand will be. Interestingly, the shape of the hair follicle governs how straight or curly it can be too!

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However, as we get older, the size of the follicle can reduce, which results in hair getting thinner. Making sure hair follicles are kept open and healthy as long as possible is a great way to keep thickness in the hair.

If you are losing hair it’s important to understand why.

There are actually two different types of hair loss.

The first is simply reduced hair volume, which down to genetics. This is where you generally begin to produce finer hair and the hair you do grow tends to be thinner and simply doesn’t grow as long. If this is you, then preservation is vital.

The second type is called telogen effluvium hair loss. This is a non-genetic reason where hair loss is triggered. Much of the time, this can be addressed by taking the appropriate action.

If you’re suffering with hair loss, then we always recommend a visit to your GP or local dermatologist, to ensure that everything is in order with your overall health. Here are just a few of the reasons you might be suffering with telogen effluvium hair loss:


Frequently we see hormone imbalance play a part in thinning hair, which particularly affect women in key stages of their life, such as postpartum pregnancy or the menopause.


A substantial and nutritional diet is also key to maintaining healthy locks for all of us. Like skin or organs, hair needs particular nutrients to thrive.

Getting the right balance of vitamins and minerals is known to improve female and male pattern baldness, so a nutritionist may be able to advise you on any deficiencies that are showing up in hair thinning and loss.


With ever growing stressful lifestyles and work/life imbalance, we know stress can play a huge part in hair loss too. Key scalp conditions such as eczema (a red itchy rash) and psoriasis (hardened thick scaly skin patches that are prone to flaking and itching), will prevent new hair growth.

Over Styling & Heat Damage

Blow dry tutorial at mary ann weeks aveda

Overheating from hairdryers, straightening irons and the sun also impact on hair, making it prone to breaking and thinning down.  Styling hair using harsh chemicals or over brushing will also fast track hair to damage. Bleaching, years of using hair color and cheap hair care hair products means   


As we mentioned earlier, ageing is a general reason that hair shreds and falls out too. Some people can start losing their hair as early as in their twenties. Sometimes our genes dictate that we’ll lose our hair earlier than we’d like, much in the same way as some people develop signs of ageing earlier..  

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The fact is, there are any number of reasons for thinning hair and baldness and when we start to notice our locks aren’t what they used to be, it’s time to take action.

How to Make Hair Thicker

The good news is that once you know the reason for your hair loss, there are a number of different things you can try to tackle your thinning hair.

Follow these tips for thicker hair direct from Aveda HQ, where we recommend the best Aveda products that make hair thicker and fuller naturally.

Aveda products ingredients are sustainable, 100% vegan, responsibly packaged and entirely chemical free.  

Get to know our high performing styling products, specifically designed to lift and disguise thinning hair. These products also mimic thicker hair, helping give the impression of fullness and volume.

Continue reading for the impressive Aveda hair loss system for both men and women, designed to directly tackle the root cause of hair loss.

Like with almost all Aveda hair products, shampoos, conditioners, style preps and treatments can be layered to create a personalised hair care experience that’s perfect for you.

It’s worth noting that Aveda Plus Rewards members (previously called Aveda Pure Privilege) can collect points with every purchase and colour services in participating Aveda stores, such as Mary Ann Weeks Aveda. Points can then be redeemed against Aveda products and treatments.

The Right Hair Cut

Like with all hair types and textures, it’s important to get a style that works well with what you’ve got. The right hairstyle and colour can make all the difference when trying to enhance textures and volume. Fine hair can look beautifully big when using blunt lines rather than lots of feathery layers. With clever balyage techniques and babylights, you can bring depth to hair that makes it appear thicker and fuller.

Mary Ann Weeks Aveda stylists are trained to know exactly what hairstyle will suit their guest and we completely understand that what suits you might not be what you thought!

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The bottom line is your stylist should always be there to help you find that perfect balance between what you want whilst honouring what’s best for your hair.

Should You Condition Fine and Thinning Hair?

This is a common question for people with thinning hair. Much as it’s tempting to feel like conditioner will weigh fine and thinning hair down, it’s actually more essential to keep hair strands moisturised.

This is because split ends and breakages tend to be even more common with thin and fine hair, so they need more protection.

Of course, the right conditioner is key – one that isn’t too rich and one that is ideally for fine and thin hair. To go the extra mile, it’s also advised that to fully protect hair against damage and dry hair, a weekly deep conditioning treatment will act as preventative and cure for fragile hair strands.

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The Impact of Hard Water on Fine and Thinning Hair

Guildford hairdresser Mary Ann Weeks Aveda and our partner Walton Aveda salon know full well the impact of hard water on fine and thin hair.

It’s worth noting that hard water is naturally higher in minerals and can strip fine hair of precious nutrients leaving it limp and flat. If you can get a filter for your shower head you might see a major improvement in the condition and thickness of your hair.

Top Aveda Hair Products for Thinning Hair

Thickening Tonic

Aveda thickening tonic is one of the must have hair care hair products Aveda makes for those with fine or thinning hair.

When applied to towel dried hair, hair strands are instantly expanded by up to 20% making hair appear thicker. Polymers within the active ingredient, amla fruit form a thin weightless layer on the hair, wheat and corn, making it hair appear thicker whilst maintaining style.  

Thickening tonic is all about adding to the diameter of the individual hair strands (unlike Aveda’s popular ‘Volumizing Tonic’ which focus on lifting the roots). Thickening tonic will give a sense of ‘grit’ to the hair which gives a light hold that lasts all day long. You can blowdry or leave to dry naturally if preferred.  

SHOP AVEDA – Thickening Tonic

Pure Abundance

One of the most long standing and best Aveda products for fine hair is the Aveda’s Pure Abundance collection. Ingredients include kaolin clay and acacia gum, which prove to be the natural bulking agents that give volume as well as body. The Pure Abundance range includes shampoo, conditioner, style prep and hair spray, all giving the illusion of thicker fuller hair.

SHOP AVEDA – Pure Abundance

Invati Advanced™ System

The Invati Advanced™ system is the number one Aveda products for hair loss, showing an impressive 53% reduction in hair loss with 6 weeks of use.

The 3 step system is designed to help thinning hair by:

  • Strengthening and protecting existing hair
  • Stimulating fresh hair growth
  • Cleansing and refreshing the entire scalp for optimum health

Using ancient art of Ayurveda natural medicine, The Invati Advanced™ system combines key ingredients turmeric and ginseng to help hair develop more healthily, whilst amla fruit gives the appearance of thickness.

The three Aveda hair growth products work in cohesion together and it’s recommended that you use all of them together each time for the best results.

These are the three steps on how to get thicker hair naturally using the Invati system:

Step One – Exfoliation

The best foundation for growing healthy hair is to start at the scalp. Colour safe and nourishing the Invati advanced exfoliating shampoo is designed to gently exfoliate the scalp using wintergreen derived salicylic acid that removes build up and stops pores from being blocked.

Step Two – Thicken

The Invati Advanced™ Thickening Conditioner is formulated using amino acids that mimic the hairs own infrastructure. Strong hair from root to tip is instantly thicker and fuller looking.

Step Three – Activate

The piece de resistance of the trio, the Invati Advanced™ Scalp Revitalizer reduces hair loss using A patented blend of bio-fermented ayurvedic herbs, ginseng and organic turmeric. It also contains tangerine peel and Japanese knotweed, both in support of the natural keratin found in the hair. The scalp revitalizer invigorates the scalp when massaged into the skin.

SHOP AVEDA – Invati Advanced™ 3 Step System RICH

SHOP AVEDAInvati Advanced™ 3 Step System LIGHT

Invati for Men

Invati Men is one of the most highly regarded Aveda products for men. Invati Advanced™ Men is different to the women’s system because it has two steps rather than three. As with many of the Aveda men’s hair products, the Invati system aims to be simple and quick to use.

 As only one out of ten men admit to using conditioner, the Invati Men doesn’t include a separate conditioner.

To replace the conditioner, additional conditioning elements are added to the shampoo which gives additional nourishment and moisture. Like the female edition, the shampool contains wintergreen-derived salicylic acid which removes excess sebum and build up.

After shampooing, step 2 is to using the Invati Men Scalp Revitaliser on towel dried hair. The leave-in treatment instantly helps to thicken hair at the root and as it’s massaged in, brings blood flow the scalp and increases micro-circulation. The serum is specifically designed to be drip free as most men have shorter hair and it’s designed to say on all day.

After using the Invati for Men system, 4 out of 5 men saying their hair felt stronger and looked thicker

See how easy it is in the video below:

SHOP AVEDA – Invati Men

The Invati system has recently been refined further to include options for those with fine hair (LIGHT) and those with thick hair (RICH). Both are specifically designed to help with thinning hair and hair loss.

NEW Invati Advanced™ Exfoliating Shampoo: LIGHT

  • With micellar cleansing and lots of lather, the new Invati Advanced™ exfoliating shampoo is designed to be weightless, helping protect fine hair, whilst stimulating fresh hair growth for a normal to oily scalp.

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NEW Invati Advanced™ Exfoliating Shampoo: RICH

  • Exfoliate and nourish using ten times the conditioning ingredients that the light shampoo has. Ideal for medium to thick hair, and a normal to dry scalp.

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SHOP AVEDA – Exfoliating Shampoo Rich

If you’re still unsure, you can also purchase the Aveda Invati Advanced™ Light Trio Haircare Gift Set, which is perfect for trying the Invati system out.

It also makes a thoughtful gift for anyone you know who is worrying about their hair.

The set is just £25 and contains a travel size of each of the Invati Advanced products. The gift sets are available in Light or Rich options.

The Gift Set Contains:

  • Invati Advanced™ Exfoliating Shampoo: Light or Rich formula, 50ml
  • Invati Advanced™ Thickening Conditioner, 40ml
  • Invati Advanced™ Scalp Revitalizer, 30ml

SHOP AVEDAInvati Advanced™ Light Trio Haircare Gift Set

NEW Invati Advanced™ Intensive Hair & Scalp Masque

  • Thicker looking hair starts at the scalp, which is they this intensive hair and scalp masque is a great additional help for thinning hair. The invati advanced intensive hair & scalp masque is 98% naturally derived and nourishes the scalp deeply whilst helping to hydrate and strengthen thinning hair strands.

SHOP AVEDA – Invati Advanced Intensive Hair & Scalp Masque

Aveda Men’s Pure-Formance Thickening Paste

  • Another one of Aveda hair products for men, Aveda Men’s Pure-formance thickening paste will instantly add the appearance of thickness on application. Used like a normal styling wax, you simply apply a small blob throughout damp hair and style. Recommended for short hair.

SHOP AVEDA – Men’s Pure-formance Thickening Paste

The truth is, if you’re wondering how to get thicker hair, you need to be prepared to play the long game. Pay good attention to how you’re treating your hair and what hair loss products you’re using. Aveda hair products for thinning hair get fantastic results with reviews for Aveda hair products consistently showing happy customers.

Where to Buy Aveda Hair Products

If you wish to buy Aveda hair products, then look out for Aveda hair care products stockists near you. Your local salon can advise you specifically on your hair type and condition. Alternatively, you can order online at  

Learn About Aveda products and why they’re the best choice for your hair and skin care in 2021!

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