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Guildford Aveda Hairdresser How to Manage Between Washing – The Rinseless Refresh

Do you sometimes just run out of time to wash your hair?

Or what about if you want one style for work and another style for the evening? Or what if washing your hair every day just isn’t great for your hair type?

Most hairdressers in our Guildford or Walton Salons will recommend that you don’t wash your hair every single day because, even the most gentle of Aveda shampoos can remove the natural oils in the hair, which causes dryness and breakage. Sometimes even if you want to, you just don’t have the time to wash your hair! But even then, sometimes you want a different style for the evening that you had in the day so washing your hair just isn’t doable…

Luckily, there are some advantages to not washing your hair every day – like having more time to enjoy your morning cuppa, or musing over what earrings to wear today… BUT (!) apart from those freak occasions where your hair randomly looks A.mazing just by you getting out of bed (total fluke), what are you going to do about the bed head, frizz, exercise aftermath, wonky kink fest mess that is your hair?

It’s okay, relax.

To give an instant cleanse for your scalp and a style refresher, Aveda have just launched the NEW Rinseless Refresh Micellar Hair and Scalp Refresher (Easy for you to say). 97% naturally derived and of course cruelty free.

You don’t even need any water #bonus and you get to tame your frizz with an easy flexible hold that will restyle your hair, without going back to square one washville. It’s like an invigorating alternative to powder dry shampoo, with micellar technology for managing oils and build-up. Its even won a Spring Beauty Award from the Oprah Magazine already!

Rinseless Refresh Micellar Hair and Scalp Refresher will:

  • Smooth out your kinks and creases
  • Add texture
  • Refresh your scalp and absorb the grease
  • Make your hair smell YUMMY

To use Rinseless Refresh Micellar Hair and Scalp Refresher:

  • To get rid of kinks just spritz the mist on to your hair and air dry with fingers or even a quick blow dry to add volume
  • To make mermaid waves, just plait your hair the night before and spray hair and scalp to refresh and set. Next day, undo the plaits and you’ll be enjoying some quirky waves
  • To control frizz, just apply a mist all over and comb through – the naturally derived anti-frizz styling polymers will help combat humidity

So now you know! Pop in some time to see our hairdressers or just next time your passing Guildford High street or Walton The Heart and ask about this amazing, water saving, hair saving, award winning product!

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