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Hairdresser Tips: The Do’s and Don’ts of Going Blonde

Going blonde is notoriously tricky and is never something you should do on a whim! If you’re already quite fair haired and like the occasional blonde highlights that’s one thing, but brunettes going blonde is a big deal make no mistake. The process of going blonde should be thought of as a marathon, not a sprint.

That’s not to say there aren’t major benefits to having blonder hair. When done right, blonde tresses can lift your entire complexion. Adding light to frame your face can make you look younger and clearer and really bring your eye colour out.

Here are our Aveda stylist ‘things to think about’ and top tips on how to maintain your golden loveliness and avoid the dreaded straw bale meets brittle battle hair.

Should I go Blonde?

If you’re on the fence about whether to take the plunge then a great way to decide is to have a chat with a qualified colourist. They can guide you on the best shades for your skin tone so you don’t end up looking ill or trashy.

Things like your haircut, your eyebrow colour and your wardrobe are all extras that might need tweaking if you’re thinking of going blonde.

A professional will also be able to give you realistic advice on what to expect in terms of the condition of your hair, as well as how many visits you’ll be making to your local hairdresser. If you’re on a tight budget, you need to consider the extra costs of more regular trips to your salon as well as specialised products to take good care of your new hair.

A Lighter Shade of Pale

Psychologists believe that that people are drawn to blonde hair not just because it reflects the light more, but because it is related to children and angels. The ethereal ‘halo’ suggests purity and innocence.

There are an abundance of different shade of blonde to choose from – from deep honey to the whitest platinum and we all have a special shade just for us.

Don’t Try This At Home

Never ever try to dye your hair blonde at home – especially if you are dark brown going blonde. Well, unless you want yellow / orange hair! Like with all products, home bleach comes with lots of fancy promises of how easy it is and how great you’ll look. Don’t believe them!

It will be harder and more expensive to fix a botch bleach job than just to have it done properly in the first place and nobody wants the walk of shame down Guildford High Street with brassy yellow lego hair…

You need a professional hair colourist (preferably an Aveda Guildford or Walton colourist) that can give your hair the royal treatment it deserves and give you that natural sunkissed look instead.

Process of Going Blonde

If you’re going blonde and a hairdresser tells you that’s doable in one sitting, they’re not a great stylist. In reality, sometimes you’ll be looking at 3, 4 or even 5 sittings for gradually going blonde. Depending on your hair type, lightening your hair without destroying its condition will take time. Your hairdresser may well test strands of your hair first to see how it takes.

Mary Ann Weeks Aveda colourists will always make sure your hair is protected and kept in tip top condition during and after your blonde transition.

Choose the Right Blonde Shampoo

I think we’ve already established that you need to take extra care when you have bleach blonde hair. This means being super nice to it and having a hair care regime, with products purchased that are tailored to your new colour.

Aveda Chamomile shampoo and matching chamomile color conditioner is gorgeously infused with all things light, like its namesake chamomile as well as calendula. Another ingredient, beta carotene enhances golden tones, so this is great if you’re a natural blonde or have gone for highlights.

We’re often asked ‘how often should you tone your blonde hair’. If you’re bleached blonde and your hair is threatening to go yellow or brassy, we highly recommend one of Avedas originals Blue Malva as a natural toner. It works beautifully to neutralise the brassiness in chemically-treated hair and enhance the blondeness. Blended with blue malva that’s wild-crafted and sustainably gathered by hand in its natural habitat.

Hair Care

You don’t need to wash your hair every day, particularly when it’s been bleached. Always bear in mind, bleached hair is weak and must be treated with care!

Don’t attack your hair, think ‘lovingly gently squishing and kneading‘ during wash time and when you go to dry it, squeeze and pat your hair – with definitely no rubbing frenzy! Dry naturally whenever you can.

Deep Treatment Condition. A Lot

Regular conditioner is good – but not enough for chemically treated hair. While you go through your steps to going blonde, you need a weekly treatment to nourish and replenish damaged hair.

Aveda Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring Treatment is right up your street if you’ve bleached locks. This product is quite literally the don of poorly broken hair products at Aveda, with guests reporting an incredible 90% improvement in breakages after just one use.

  • Quinoa protein penetrates the hair shaft, working from inside to help strengthen and repair
  • Phellodendron (cork tree) and barley help seal in moisture
  • Jojoba, meadowfoam and caster oil smooth the hair surface

Treat your hair with damage remedy restructuring weekly for the best results.

We are also big fans of the NEW Botanical repair range – in particular the Botanical Repair Strengthening Leave in Treatment. Dubbed as the Olaplex rival from nature, botanical repair has had astonishing instant results.

Top tip is to wrap your head in a hot towel to really open the cuticles for deeper penetration.

Top Tip for Hair Protection in the Pool

Chlorine is your hairs nemesis and can turn lovely blonde hair green, not to mention being very damaging.

Guildford Hairdresser (and resident bottle blonde) Lesley Billingshurt recommends coating your hair in conditioner under the the cap before you get the pool as a barrier.

If that sounds too much like effort, then try and keep your head out of the water. And always always wash your hair thoroughly after getting out. Of course always be careful when your hair is wet – never ever brush through weak wet hair, and if the sun is strong, please wear a hat!

If you’re ready to be bold and go blonde this summer, but be sure to book your hair appointment at Mary Ann Weeks Guildford hairdresser on 01483 306655 or Walton hairdresser 01932 240856

Have the best hair, as well as the best fun!

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