Holistic Therapists

  • Angie Ix Chel

    Arvigo practitioner and Aveda Therapist

    I have been qualified in Holistic and Beauty Therapy for eight years and I am convinced that these ancient techniques are something every woman, man and child should know. I am on a mission to bring this wonderful, self empowering knowledge to the world! I also practice Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Aveda Facials and Reiki.

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  • Beau Honey

    Hypnotherapist and expert in stress and anxiety management

    Beau Honey helps many people of all ages to overcome issues that may be getting in the way of them fulfilling their true potential. Beau uses Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy to help you to learn how to move forward in your life, not only to enjoy all the things that you do have but to grow in confidence, to be happier and be successful in anything you put your mind to.

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  • Carmen O’Connor

    Therapeutic Massage & Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner

    I have been a therapist since 2000, with wide ranging qualifications and experience in private practice as well as the corporate environment – predominantly providing Massage, Reiki and Mindfulness.  I work therapeutically and remedially in order to help and support people out of pain, physically, mentally and emotionally.  However, I also understand the need for people to simply relax and switch off or indeed when they just want a treat or to indulge themselves and will tailor make the treatment for this.

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  • Sacha Souter

    Reiki master and Aveda therapist

    My whole life has been dedicated to learning and most importantly “integrating” the wisdom of ancient cultures – through hatha & deity yoga – reiki, magic and Chinese medicine I have learnt about the energetic system of our bodies – the universal – to make it all inclusive and without limitation. I have learnt to re-programme my mind enabling me to expand exponentially. It is an honour to share this knowledge with others, to serve in the best way I can.

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  • Sallyanne Wilson

    Homeopath and Healer

    Sallyanne is an incredibly experienced Homeopath, Healer and Yoga teacher who over the years has trained in other therapies to form her own combination therapy which gives a truly holistic and individual approach to health.

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