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How to: Blow Dry Your Hair like a Pro… 9 Best Tips

Not a good hair day

If we had a pound for every time a guest said they wished they could style their hair as well as the hairdresser does, we’d be living it up on the Maldives right now (on a yacht!). Why is it that at the hairdressers, your hair seems to behave exactly as your stylist wants but you just can’t seem to replicate that look at home?

A big part of getting you hair to do what you want is blow drying it right. There is a lot more to styling your hair than pointing your hairdryer on your head and waiting till its dry!

Read on for some excellent big blow drying tips and techniques to help you get the hair you want. Avoid the all too common mistakes that the Mary Ann Weeks Aveda Guildford and Walton Hairdressing team see most of all and learn how to tame your hair!

How Long Does it Take to Blow Dry Your Hair?

Aveda Speed of Light Retails at £21

Most of us just want to get hair drying done! After all, we can’t be doing with standing about getting arm ache from some heavy hairdryer right?

Unfortunately, properly style drying your hair takes time so you do need to put aside enough time to do that. That said, when done right, your hair can stay looking beautiful for up to three days, so spending a few extra minutes drying it well could be seen as a good investment of time overall.

But for those of you who really are short on time, there is a solution in the form of Aveda Speed of Light.

This whizzy little product is getting rave reviews from Aveda hair fans far and wide for its special talent.

Lactic acid from its sugar beets ingredient helps smooth and seals the hair cuticle, which basically separates fibres and increases air flow between them. Hey presto – you have decreased drying time of up to 50%! Not only that, Speed of Light is from 90% naturally derived ingredients and actively protects your hair too!

Is Your Hair too Wet to Dry?

If you can physically see your hair dripping; it’s too wet!

Try to spend a good few minutes towel drying with a dry towel, (and if you’re especially loving towards your hair use squeezing and patting motions).

Then finger dry through with a hairdryer on a medium setting for a short while until you’re about 60% dryness. Then and only then apply your style prep and start blow drying with a brush.

Learn About Style Preps and What They do Here

Begin at the Roots and Use Your Fingers

Start drying at the roots – even if you’re going for a sleek smooth style, you still want a sense of lift and volume right?

Use your fingers to fluff your roots up and blow dry on a medium low setting. Remember your brush can’t get that close to the roots so your fingers are the perfect tools for getting deep in there and massaging the follicles gives lift.

Stop With the Product Overload!

There sure are a lot of hair products around aren’t there?

With Aveda products they’re designed to be layered, so you can use a few different ones if that’s what your hair and style needs.

Start with a small amount of style prep on damp hair (coated all over the fingers – fronts too) and run it through your hair. Then once your hair is 60% dry, apply the styling product itself.

Remember if you want volume and lift – put it on the roots! If its for dry ends – yep you guessed it, apply to the ends!

Always use sparingly – Aveda products are such fantastic quality you don’t need much and you don’t want a heavy greasy mess.

If you finish with hairspray, then keep the nozzle at a distance, so you get even distribution all over. If you’re using wax or clay, use it sparingly and go in at the roots. Avoid applying it just on the top of the hair, because it will just weigh the hair down.

Use the Nozzle

Just because the nozzle comes off it doesn’t mean it should come off (well unless you have a different nozzle).

Make sure you always use your attachment because it stops your hair from being heat blasted. Heat is bad for hair – Bad bad bad! (did we say that enough?).

Heat damaged hair is dry, frazzled, frizzy hair and that is most definitely not the styled look you’re going for.

Curling Catastrophe

If you’re that person that wraps your hair around a round brush and proceeds to cook it with the hairdryer on full blast aimed at the middle of the curl, then please stop now!

Instead, start at the roots.

Roll your brush to the end of the hair and then roll it back up to the roots again (think like a yo-yo). Blow dry from top down, starting at your hairline first.

By the time you’ve dried your roots, the ends will already be almost all dry without the direct hit from the heat and less split ends! *Hurrah*

Want to know how to tell the difference between dry and damaged hair?

Get the Right Hair Brush for Your Hair Type

Aveda paddle brushes massage the scalp and get rid of debris

Think big when choosing a brush to blow dry with.

A round brush with a metal middle will help that smoother look but beware – the heat is real (and so is the damage), so sum it up and don’t hold the heat on for too long.

For frizzy, flyaway or coarse hair, then avoid the metal and go wooden.

Paddle brushes are fabulous for smoothing the hair shaft and getting the shine out of your locks.

Let it Be. Let it Set

This one is a great tip. Once you’ve styled your hair around your brush, let it cool before you go to the next bit. This is the top secret to lasting style – like two days longer!

By allowing the hair to cool it will ‘set’ right where you want it.

Spending just a few more minutes doing this, means you won’t have to do it all again tomorrow. Ok, so you might get a more achy arm, but you might also tone up your arms – win win!

If you’re still in doubt, just ask your Aveda stylist on your next visit and they’ll be more than happy to give you some more pointers on blowdrying your hair the right way.

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