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How To Get Super Shiny Hair – Top Tips from Aveda Stylists

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Do you get frustrated with your hair looking frizzy, dry and damaged? Do you have an annoying kink in your hair that just won’t go? Or need to dye your hair to get rid of greys, only to find it’s ruining the healthy shine? Maybe you have long hair that suffers from split ends…

Want to know how you can have healthy looking hair that shines like a halo regardless of its type? You’re in luck! Mary Ann Weeks Aveda Guildford Salon team have put their heads together to give you the ultimate guide to shiny smooth hair using only the best products available of course!

  • 1. Nourish your scalp first
    aveda pramasana purifying scalp cleanserHair starts right at the roots and so increasing circulation stimulate growth with massage will give your hair the finest start to shiny heaven. Aveda’s Pramasana scalp cleansers purifies the scalp and balances sebum levels, while exfoliating and removing pollution .
    Aveda’s Invati exfoliating scalp shampoo really works well in promoting new hair growth and Aveda ‘Scalp benefits’ is also designed to care for the hair at the root. Ask instore for details about which is the best product for your specific hair type.
    STYLISTS TIP: Alternatively, rubbing pure vitamin E straight from its capsule directly into your hair line, really really nourishes the condition of your scalp and roots.
  • 2. Don’t over wash!
    Aveda Blue Malva ShampooDid you know that the lighter colour the hair, the more porous it is? This means it’s likely to suffer build up more easily, so you’ll find its peak shine when it’s at its cleanest. On the other hand, those with darker hair are most likely to shine on the second day after being conditioned. Try a shampoo that’s gentler but will still remove dirt and impurities without stripping out moisture. Aveda Clove shampoo is specifically for brunettes and Aveda Blue Malva or Camomile is for blondes and lighter hair. There is also a range for black or red hair, ask in store for details.
    STYLISTS TIP: After washing and conditioning, blast your hair with freezing cold water for about 3 seconds to seal in the conditioner and add bags of shine.
  • 3. Choose your products wisely
    Aveda Brilliant Emollient Finishing GlossInvest in your hair – the better quality the products you use, the healthier your hair will become.
    STYLISTS TIP: If you’re using finishing products, don’t apply them too close to your scalp — your hair will look greasy and weighted. Apply at least 1 inch from the roots and mostly, less is more!
  • 4. Give it some breathing space sometimes!
    Layering hair with shine products all the time is NOT the way to achieve shiny hair. In fact it can work in the opposite way, making hair appear heavy and greasy. Look for gloss-boosting ingredients like rice bran oil found in Aveda Brilliant Emollient Finishing Gloss to care for your hair naturally without harsh chemicals. Choose products for your hair type, for example avoid weighing down fine hair with a heavy serum formulated only for very thick hair.
    STYLISTS TIP: If you’ve been over dosing on styling products, the build-up can make the hair look really dull. Use a clarifying shampoo like Avedas Brilliant Shampoo at least once a week to remove debris.
  • 5. What’s for dinner?
    L-cysteine, found in egg yolks, optimizes the production of keratin, a vital protein for hair growth. The omegas in olive oil and anchovies also boost the hydration of hair from the inside out. Any foods containing Vitamins A, B, B5,E & C as well as iron and protein, will ultimately give you a head of healthy hair, which is the foundation for the shine factor.
    STYLISTS TIP: Eat up all those vegetables, fish and eggs and prepare to shine on!
  • 6. Straighteners
    smooth infusion rangeWhy is it that straighteners make the hair look at it’s shiny best? Well flattening the hair cuticles creates more surface area which in turn reflect the light. It’s important again not to overuse your straighteners and keep for special occasions. Avedas smooth infusion range contains protective wheat protein for heat damage and organic aloe, maize and guar bean to create a smooth surface on the hair
    STYLISTS TIP: Never iron damp hair and use ceramic plates in a gliding motion to protect against any burning. Apply a protective serum like before ironing as further protection. Make sure to use a product that is okay for straighteners as some products react badly to heat and can literally cook the hair in a hot gel!
  • 7. Brush up your choice
    aveda wooden paddle brushHarsh plastic bristles with tugging aggressively really can break the hair causing flyaway, frizz and split ends. Natural bristles distribute the natural oils in the hair, making it look glossier. The professional Aveda paddle brush features extended bristles for easy detangling and stress reduction to hair and scalp. Perfect for smoothing hair during blow-drying to create straight styles.
    STYLISTS TIP: Consider adding a quick spritz of Aveda Brilliant hairspray to your brush to hold style and stop the static.
  • 8. Weekly deep treatment
    aveda damage remedy daily hair repairWhen your hair is damp, apply a leave in conditioner to damaged areas once a week. Avedas Damage Remedy Leave in Treatment is for use on a daily basis and instantly repairs and protects from heat styling. Detangles and helps protect from breakages.
  • 9. Contrast
    Hair with different tones appears shinier than one block of colour. Consider asking your colourist for strands of lighter hair if you’re dark or a few low-lights if you’re blonder.
    STYLISTS TIP: If you’re not quite ready to commit to a new colour, why not try out the new Demi + colour range – a cross between permanent and wash out hair colour, it is bursting with keratin and boosts shine to mirror level! Well recommended.
  • 10. Curly Curls
    be curly rangeCurly hair usually suffers with shine reducing different lengths and split ends which means you have to be extra careful to avoid these being noticeable when you blow dry your hair straight. To achieve a smooth glossy look, use a moisturising shampoo and conditioner with a straightening gel. De-tangle wet curly hair gently with a wide-tooth comb and when you blow dry, wrap 2 inch sections around a round brush to straighten out. Use a finishing cream from around 1 inch below the root down to the ends.To get super-glossy curls: After conditioning hair, don’t rinse completely — leave a little in. Apply a gel to damp hair and twist sections around your fingers. Let hair dry naturally. Use your fingers to separate your curls once your hair is dry. A brush will cause your hair to frizz.
    STYLISTS TIP: Aveda has an entire range for curly hair, known as ‘Be Curly’ and is an excellent solution for frizzy curly hair that you want taming. Adding that to the Brilliant Pomades to really tame your curls and make them behave!

As you can see, Aveda has a hair care range to suit all needs and dilemmas and like all our products, we keep as close to nature as possible, drawing on the amazing wonders of plant power to give our products a superior edge. We package our products responsibly, using 90% of our high density polyethylene (HDPE). Our plastic bottles use a minimum of 80% PCR, made from milk bottles, and two of our new products – Invati Exfoliating Shampoo and Stress-fix Lotion – are packaged in 100% PCR HDPE bottles.

Come down to Mary Ann Weeks Aveda Guildford or Walton and let our professional hair stylists and colourists guide you around to learn more about how our plant based, ethically sourced, cruelty free products can benefit you directly. We always love to share our knowledge with our guests and help you to achieve the look you’re after. Alternatively, phone to book an appointment with one of our stylists and let us take care of all your hair care needs. Guildford 01483 306655 or Walton 01932 240856

See you soon!

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