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How to Have a Relaxing Aveda Spa Night at Home

Sometimes we just want to stay in and dive into some quality me time … but sometimes we also want the luxury of a spa… hmm what to do?

This little gem of top tips is all about serving your self and ultimately treating yourself to a fabulous night in using some Aveda and some home made products to help you relax just like you would in a professional spa. Feel free to add a friend for some giggles and enjoy some bonding time too if you like!

relax at home

So grab your most comfy PJs on and fire up a ‘light the way’ soy wax Aveda candle or two to set the tone, and add lush soothing music and we’ll begin.


Of course if you’ve already lit a scented candle then your room may already start filling with a gorgeous aroma, but know that relaxing essential oils are a great way to trigger a relaxation response too. Avedas lavender essential oil can be mixed with a carrier oil like Avedas stress fix and massaged into your skin (especially your pressure points) to begin your journey to chill world. You can also add a drop or two to your cushions or eye pillow to surround yourself with this de-stressing vibes.


Next, try giving your hair a real treat with one of our three best-selling hair masques for different hair types. These can be applied to towel dry hair (not too wet or you’ll dilute the product). Comb through the hair using a wide tooth comb to distribute and smooth out the hair then cover with a shower cap or heated towel. Leave for as long as you like for the product to really penetrate the hair. When you eventually get around to rinsing off, try using a shot of cold water to seal in the moisture and really make your hair shine (or not if you’re aiming for ultimate relaxation!).

damage remedy restructuring treatmentDamage remedy intensive restructuring treatment
This intensive weekly treatment repairs, seals and smooths even the most damaged hair. Quinoa protein is used to restore strength within the hair shaft, and castor and jojoba with meadowfoam smooth the surface of the hair bringing back silky shine. A must for those who use lots of excessive products, and/or have heat and pollution damage.

Aveda smooth infusion smoothing masqueSmooth Infusion
A firm favourite with our staff here at Mary Ann Weeks Aveda Guildford! After just one application of smooth infusion smoothing masque, users have found frizz reduction by up to half! The shea butters and certified organic cupaucu are the secret to smoother softer hair – especially brilliant if you have frizzy, wavy, curly hair that needs taming! Excellent for hot sunny days as it resists the elements.

be curly masqueBe curly intensive detangling masque
Fabulous for separating the most tangled curls, this rich masque is enriched with certified organice babassu oil and shea butter. This masque will moisture your curls and fight the frizz as well as improving the overall look of the curls. As with all Aveda products, no cruelty involved with this product.


Enjoy these two tried and tested recipes for a completely natural face mask, designed to draw out impurities and balance the skin tone whilst being kind to nature and sustainable!

ChocAcado-Honey Hydration Mask
With just three ingredients this mask is both simple, easy to make and highly effective. The Avocado is a real treat for the skin and is the key to hydration. Antioxidant cocoa soothes the skin whilst honey is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.

1. Mash the avocado in a small bowl – a quarter should be fine for one face
2. Stir in one tablespoon of cocoa powder along with a tablespoon of honey
3. Mix it all well and you’re ready to go!

Wash it off after 10 minutes or so and be sure to moisturise your face well.

facial masqueGreen Goddess Facial
Using anti-bacterial Spirulina, with it’s huge amount of antioxidants helps to keep the pores in the skin tight and clear as well as lessening any effects of sun damage and reducing find lines. Banana oozes moisture into the skin whilst helping get the spirulina the right texture for spreading. Lemon juice is a brightening agent for skin and so makes you glow! This recipe makes enough for two people.

1. Mash the banana into a small bowl
2. Add ½ teaspoon of spirulina powder and blend together until smooth
3. Add 1 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice
4. Leave for 10-20 minutes then rinse off with warm water

Be aware that spirulina is bright bright green and so will look pretty odd but we promise it doesn’t stain! The smell of banana is pleasing enough and your skin will be soft and plump after using this one. It is messy so avoid using your best towels!

wedding masqueIf that all sounds a bit like hard work, our Aveda Tulasāra Wedding Masque is a highly rated best-selling Aveda face mask. This ultra-rich crème masque brightens your skin, containing turmeric extract to even out skin tone. The power blend of organic apricot seed oil and plant stem cells support your skins natural repair processes – you can apply this and leave it on all night so you wake up to beautiful wedding day skin. It also comes with a complimentary eye masque so your entire face will feel pampered and renewed.

botanical kinetics clay masqueAlternatively, you might wish to try our clay mask. This one is all about drawing out impurities and excess oils and the age old method of using clay to refine and condition the skin is tested and proven. English kaolin clay and bentonite are the key ingredients that cleanse, moisturise and tone your skin. Roman chamomile and eucalyptus make up the Aveda signature pure-fume aroma.

For details on one of our most effective and recently advanced Aveda facial specifically for anti-ageing, uneven skin tone and hydration, see here.


Aveda Beautifying Composition Oil BWhilst your hair is cooking and your facial is on, let’s go to the feet – thanking your feet for working so hard is the least you can do and this simple foot bath and treatment feels divine!

Start by filling a bowl with warm water mixed with Avedas beautifying composition oil and some of your favourite essential oil. For the feet, we recommend Avedas lavender for its relaxation element or peppermint to give you a little lift. Although the skin on the feet tends to be thicker, there is a high concentration of pores meaning the oils are more easily absorbed. Stay for 10 minutes or more whilst your feet soak and you relax fully. Bring them out and pat the feet dry gentle.

At this point you may want to hit the shower or even better a lovely bath to rinse off your hair masque and face mask but it’s up to you if you want to leave them on even longer for even more juicy nourishment!

foot reliefTo finish the feet treat, we recommend using the Aveda foot relief, massage gently into your feet and toes, discovering the gorgeous aroma of jojoba and softening qualities of castor oil. The fruit acids in this product work as an excellent exfoliator. Pay particular attention any rough areas of skin or sore spots.

After massaging for your preferred length of time (perhaps your very nice friend will do this for you!) put a warm soft pair of socks on to continue nurturing and encouraging deep moisture into the feet.

After an hour, take the socks off and if it takes your fancy, give yourself a quick pedicure and paint your toes for truly spoilt feet!


beauty sleepYou can of course add further treats like meditation, chocolate, wine or hand massages (using Aveda Hand Cream of course) or soppy films to the mix to make your pamper evening complete! Whatever floats your boat…. When all is done, make sure you get a good nights sleep to complete yourself pamper session, after all it’s what makes us feel and look our best! Set a realistic time to go to bed, don’t get distracted by the phone or TV and sit quietly with a good book or magazine whilst tucked up in a comfy clean bed and wait for the drowsy to take over… sip Aveda comfort tea for extra warmth and relaxation. Night night!

If you’d like to get to know more about our ethical, plant powered and high quality products or book yourself in for a delightful professional spa treatment in our luxury spa here on Guildford high street or Walton on The Heart, give us a call on 01483 306655 or 01932 240856

We’d love to hear from you about what you like best about your home pamper night, or which Aveda products you prefer to use on your skin and hair! Comment below.

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