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How to Let Go of Summer and Celebrate Autumn – Practice Ayurvedic Rituals to Transition with Ease

Do you ever feel a little bit blue around this time of year? If you love the carefree summer months, it’s pretty normal to go through a period of mourning for the long days, light evenings, BBQs and picnics and joys of summer. Suddenly the evenings are drawing in and the new chill in the air, means we can’t just frolic out of the front door with flip-flops and a t-shirt on. It feels harder to get out of bed in the mornings and we look ahead to the long dreary winter.

Autumn is so beautiful

But let’s try to flip this around. Have you recently paused to think about the gorgeous wonder of Autumn? The stunning display of the trees changing colours and leaves falling effortlessly gives us a real time demonstration of how beautiful it is to let go. In yoga we call this ‘Aparigraha’ – the realisation the in order to make space for new, to evolve in our life journey, we must let go of what we no longer need. So roll on crisp fresh mornings, hearty dinners, snug log fires, sweet hot chocolate and cosy nights in!

Using Ayurveda to Help you Transition

Ayurveda is the ancient healing art of Indian medicine and it’s based on observing and adhering to the seasons, as well as honouring and balancing your specific and unique energy type (dosha). There are certain things you can do during seasonal changes to feel a lot better and make the transition feel really good! Here are 3 suggestions..

Self Massage

Aveda composition oils can be used alone or with added essential oils

When is the last time you gave yourself such a treat as this? Abhyanga is an ayuvedic tradition that means to massage the body in warm oil. Skin is hydrated (a must as the colder weather dries it out), the nervous system is balanced, the muscles are relaxed and toned. Aveda offers plenty of gorgeous oils infused with the most amazing aromas along with essential oils to add to carrier oils that tailor make your massage oil to what you want. You just massage your body for 15-20 minutes, starting at the ears and following the lymph pathways down the neck, towards the upper spine, working down your arms, wrists and hands, the your belly, legs ankles and finishing at the feet. Feel completely rejuvenated from tip to toe. Aveda composition oils are naturally derived, cruelty free and smell divine. They’re available to buy in both our Walton and Guildford Aveda stores.


Ayurveda focuses a lot on what you eat, specifically as you ultimately become what you put in your body! You should eat three times a day, with the largest meal being lunch. Natural seasonal foods are the basis of good health and digestion, with a regard for the time of year. The abundance of summer has gone, but luckily the cooling foods like salads and fresh summer fruits aren’t in line with the changing season. During Autumn, root vegetables with hearty beans in stews and soups are not only tasty, but vastly satisfying for the body as it reserves more fuel for the colder months. For more ideas about what to cook, look up some Ayuvedic recipes online.

Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation

This doesn’t have to be a chore. You can literally spend 10 minutes a day on simple movement, pranayama (breath work) and end with a 2 minute meditation for this to feel better. Incorporating little and often into your daily life really helps to transform how you feel over all. If you’re new to yoga, there are plenty of classes at the Mary Ann Weeks Aveda studio in Guildford to get you going. Any of the slow, gentle, yin or restorative practices are a good for all levels and our friendly teachers can guide you through nicely. If you’re not sure, there are descriptions of what each class is like when you click on the yoga or pilates class title.

Using these simple Ayurvedic rituals will get you feeling energised, alert and healthy, ready to embrace Autumn with gusto!

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