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Make 2020 The Most Positive Year Ever – Whatever Happens!

Every time a New Year comes by, we all stop for a moment and reflect. Maybe you had an amazing year with plenty of joyfulness, or maybe 2019 is one you’d rather forget.

A whole number of things make us want to improve what our lives amount to and what better time than a fresh new year to help us realise new goals and what we’d like to adjust for the better.

The thing is… It’s also important to realise that even if New Year feels like the best time to start a different life or version of you, that really only 8% of people actually stick to it!

So let’s turn it on it’s head and rather than a critique of all that’s wrong, celebrate all that’s right!

Here at Mary Ann Weeks Aveda HQ, we’ve devised a list that takes the usual goals for New Year and turned them upside down so whatever the end result, you know you’re still able to lift that chin and decide that 2020 is your year, even if it stays exactly the same!


Aristotle said “Happiness depends on ourselves” and one way to be happy is to acknowledge what we already have. Take a look at your outlook on life. Do you look for things to be glad about? Studies show that people who regularly practice gratitude are:

  • More likely to exercise
  • Have few physical symptoms (aches & pains)
  • Sleep better
  • Have been immunity
  • Have a great sense of connection to others
  • Have a greater sense of purpose
  • Are more likely to progress towards their goals
  • Are more optimistic

This is because by gradually changing what we’re focusing one, we begin to change our perspective. We are looking for the good stuff and so the good stuff presents itself first!

Try just once a day thinking of something you’re grateful for. And go beyond the obvious – think detail! You’ll find you an literally appreciate anything and everything in a whole new light! and remember as Sir Thomas Malory said “Enough is as good as a feast”


So you look around and everyone else seems to be thinner, their clothes fit better, they’re living the dream. The reality is that nobody but nobody has a perfect life, despite what they present. If you want to change your body then you know that needs work and it needs time. Certainly, changing your diet and getting healthier is one way to really embrace your life and your body. But how about you make it less goal orientated! Be happy that you’ve a body that’s in working order. Be happy that you have the choice to be healthy, many others don’t! Instead of aiming for the perfect body, try aiming to feel better about your body and befriend it as if it were you most precious possession. Because actually, it is!


As we get older, especially us women, we start to feel a lot more comfortable in our skin and a lot more at ease with who we are. 2019 saw the uprise of some amazing new hair colours and it feels like we’re now at the point of ‘anything goes’ for everyone! Regardless of age, gender or anything else, you are free to express yourself exactly as you wish and just do you. So why not experiment with your look this year and present a whole new you to the world?

Be You!

Aveda are at the helm of this bold new liberty with their 2019 launch Vibrants range. Whether it’s a soft new hue or warm reds, or a baby pink blonde or even if it’s a mere streak of bold blue or purple, you can choose exactly who you want to be and for how long.

If you’re thinking ‘why not’ then book yourself in with one of our expert colourists – they’ll guide you through what tones and ideas might suit your exactly and customise a look exactly for you. Give our colour team a call at our Walton-on-Thames hairdressers on 01932 240856 or our Guildford Salon 01483 306655


Our diaries are all rammed and everyone is rushing around with busy lives with a million different jobs to do. Sadly it looks like this has become the definition of modern day life and we don’t expect that to change in 2020. It’s never been more important to make time back in a natural and calm state of mind. Remember, simple stuff brings you back to you; Walking, bathing, reading, meditation – anything that makes you feel grounded again! Spending time away from technology and by yourself immersed in simple pleasures will bring you back home to yourself and your loved ones will reap the rewards of a happier you. For special treats, book a massage with one of our amazing Aveda Spa therapists, who can de-stress you within a short time and let you step into the sanctuary of bliss! Book your Aveda Stress Fix massage, Chakra Balance massage or Aroma Massage online in 45 minute, 60 minute, 75 minute or 90 minute slots.


We know that as we get older, it’s more vital to take good care of our skin. Stress and environmental damage show up on our skin as dull greyness, wrinkles and fine lines. When we want to glow, we’re not and that can be a real confidence drag!

Get back your mojo with an uplifting Aveda customised facial and use products worthy of your skin that work with it’s natural process rather than against. For restoration and that glow, the Aveda Tulasāra skin care ritual is the way to truly nurture and treat your face.

Post cleansing, the renew morning cream smooths away fine lines using turmeric, to even out and plump the skin. Night time is when our body repairs, including your skin. So it really is beauty sleep!

Tulasara Wedding Masque Eye brings your eyes back to life!

You’re missing a trick if you’ve not tried Avedas Tulasāra Wedding Masque Overnight and Wedding Masque Eye. The plant stem cells and organic apricot seed oil combine to support your skin as it heals which means you wake up with wedding day skin! Explore tips on Autumn / Winter skincare


Give Joy – Receive Joy

There is genuine true joy in giving. When you commit your time to serving others, in however a small way, you will feel like a better person. So hold that door open for someone, pick up that piece of litter, buy a homeless person a coffee or take a rescue dog for a walk. Supporting others in need is what helps build community and your own self esteem. Kindness is the tonic for all things toxic and you’ll feel better for being better!

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