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Aveda Skincare Special – 8 Top Tips to Avoid Wrinkles

Ageing in the skin is sometimes luck of the draw about which genes you happen to inherit but is also down to collagen and elastin that are naturally found in the skin. As we get older, production slows and the absence of these special proteins, alongside free radicals that begin to attack healthy skin cells. This combination creates the wrinkling, loss of bounce and pigmentation we dislike.

There are also many ways we damage skin with our lifestyle choices and skincare habits and we speed up deterioration. Changing our habits can help to preserve our skin and stop those wrinkles.

1. Put on weight

Yes you did read that right. “Be ready to trade your ass for your face” was famously said by Catherine Deneuve. A few extra pounds will give your face a more youthful appearance by replacing the fat we lose in our faces as we age. It will also counteract the sagging skin that comes from the reduced production of collagen and elastin. So let’s enjoy that cake and stop feeling guilty!

2. Use SPF factor 50 every day

daily light guard defense avedaProtection from the sun is vital! If you want to protect your skin, the best single way is to wear an SPF every day, even in winter, preferably factor 30 and above.

Aveda daily light guard defense fluid has an SPF 30. Kukui seed oil helps to strengthen the skins natural environmental barrier and ginger extract is used in an anti-oxidant blend to repel free radical damage.

3. Drink water

Use water to rehydrate, get rid of toxins, increase organ function and deliver oxygen to every cell in the body. The result is firmer, plumper, clearer looking skin that is in optimum health. At Mary Ann Weeks Aveda Guildford and Walton we have a constant supply of fresh fruit water as standard.

botanical kinetics

4. Choose the right products for your skin type

Oily skin means fewer wrinkles but can lead to more blockages so choose a light moisturiser to suit. Sensitive skin will easily react, so test all products on your forearms before using on your face. Dry skin gets even drier as we get older, so evolve with those changes and use a serum in addition to your usual regime.

5. Stop pulling faces!

Odd as it sounds, if you begin to address your wider life and relationships, it will ultimately affect your skin more positively. Facial expressions we frequently use like frowning or smiling take their toll and over time we are left with a permanent imprint of our story. Of course, smile lines are actually evidence of a happy life, but deep lines between the eyebrows from a furrowed brow can look menacing and the opposite of how we’d like to come across to others.

Thinking negative thoughts and allowing their corresponding emotions to show on your face is one fast track way to affect your skin and by learning mindfulness and how to control the thoughts we can reduce our wrinkles.

6. Exfoliate regularly

Aveda botanical kinetics creme cleanser exfoliator mary ann weeks aveda prevent wrinkleThe skin is made up of several layers, of which the outermost is usually dead and actually thickens as you age. Exfoliation is an absolute must if you want to see the fresh young skin underneath and skincare professionals recommend that you aim to exfoliate around once a week. Seasons change and along with them your skin, so be mindful that during the colder winter months it might be necessary to exfoliate with a dry brush (Aveda do a lovely dry facial brush) that you can purchase at Mary Ann Weeks Aveda instore. Moisturiser is absorbed much more easily when skin is freshly exfoliated too.

Avedas Botanical Kinetics ™ Exfoliating Crème Cleanser is gentle enough to be used daily and contains jojoba exfoliating beads to remove the surface cells and impurities. Creamy mango butter means a deep condition as well as smelling amazing.

7. Stop smoking now!

We all know that smoking is the single most damaging thing we can do to ourselves and if you smoke your skin will be undoubtedly suffer. Blood circulation is seriously impaired, as is oxygen supply to the skin. Further damage to collagen and elastin production continues to deepen and even second hand smoke is a serious threat to your skin health. It’s never to late to give up!

8. Use eye cream

Botantical Kinetics Eye Cream Mary Ann Weeks Aveda Skin CareEye cream is just a gimmick right? Wrong. The skin around your eyes is thinner and much more delicate than the skin on the rest of your face and for that reason, using a specific eye cream will help in the quest to reduce wrinkles. This should be applied with a dabbing motion, being careful not to pull or stretch the skin if you can help it. Botanical kinetics energising crème uses liquorice root and coffee bean extract to sooth tired eyes and reduce puffiness. Leave the dark circles behind and lift your entire face with bright smooth eyes. Wear sunglasses in bright weather to stop squinting too.

9. Book regular facials

We recommend booking facials at least 4 times a year. Not only to they feel amazing and help you to completely unwind and relax, they are a whole new level of nourishment, hydration and cleansing for your skin. Mary Ann Weeks Aveda Guildford and Walton offer a range of specific purpose facials from plant peels to resurfacing, which use the professional range of Aveda products to specifically cater for your needs.

The Tulasara Dry/Ageing/Uneven Skin Tone Facial has fast become one of our best sellers, with clients remarking that it’s the best facial they have ever experienced. This personalised touch is a signature part of the Aveda facial process and will make your skin positively glow with health afterwards. Call 01483 306655 or 01932 240856 to book your consultation with an Aveda beauty therapist and discover the best treatments for you.

10. Wear night cream every night

tulasara wedding masqueThe one time that you don’t need sunscreen is when you are sleeping. Use a different moisturizer for night-time—one that is super rich and creamy.

Night creams don’t need to be applied under makeup so you can go extra generous. The luxurious Tulasāra Wedding masque overnight cream smooths the appearance of lines and wrinkles beautifully. Organic apricot seed, tomato and red raspberry plant stem cells support the natural repair processes and protective lipid barrier whilst sealing in moisture. Turmeric promotes even skin tone and gives a lifted firmer look.

Sleep reduces dark circles and puffy eyes, providing vital time for the skin to repair. Not only that, if we don’t sleep enough we are more likely to get stressed, creating negative emotions and facial expressions (see point 5). Learning how to sleep well is a technique and there are plenty of amazing tips to learn in our ‘How to Sleep Well Aveda Style’ blog.

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