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The Massage in Walton on Thames That Will Leave You Floating All Day

Options for massage in Walton on Thames might usually include a bit of cranial therapy, physiotherapy based sports massage, or a spot of traditional Thai massage. If you fancy something completely different for your next self care experience, then two luxury Aveda spas in Surrey have stepped outside of the box. Nestled in The Heart Walton on Thames shopping centre and on Guildford high street, Mary Ann Weeks has a massaging menu to delight. Set apart from other massage therapists in Walton, we offer a careful blend of holistic and physical attention that will treat the whole being, rather than just the body. There are just three signature Aveda massages to choose from, that not only tend to muscles and joints, but also to mind and spirit. Using all of your senses, enjoy a full journey of aromatherapy, meditation and energy work. With a focus on providing an experience completely unique to you, these customised massages give benefits from uplifted mood and energy, through to deep relaxation and pain relief. Your ‘whole’ massage experience, lets you submerge into the uninterrupted, nourishing and complete bliss of deep rest and inner connection that Aveda does best.

Walton Spa Massage

The Benefits of Massage   

Of course, nobody in their right mind is going to turn down a relaxing massage, but massage therapy is about much more than that.

Massage can be an important way to preserve, heal and maintain your mental and physical wellbeing. Too often seen as just a ‘treat’, enjoying regular massage service can change your life.

One of the key benefits of massage is it’s power to reduce and alleviate one of the most common causes of disease: stress.

Stress is something we all share in common, but few of us know how damaging it can be to our overall health. In fact, up to 90% of disease can be attributed to stress, along with premature ageing, headaches, disturbed sleep, decreased immunity, depression and high blood pressure.  

Massage is a holistic and easy cure for stress and the many ailments that it brings. Giving yourself space and time to relax and renew during a massage session allows your body to tend to its natural healing processes. This healing process is gently encouraged by the increased blood flow to the muscles and joints and the draining of the lymphatic system.

For more information, hop over to our blog ‘the benefits of massage’, where we list the great number of advantages to regular massage.

Massage Walton on Thames

The massages available at the Mary Ann Weeks Aveda Walton on Thames and Guildford spas, include a skilled blend of tension relief, muscle manipulation, meditation, aromatherapy, and traditional ayurvedic techniques.

Our stunning luxury massage rooms are set well away from the hustle and bustle of the Aveda salon below. Mini-sanctuary’s, with heated massage tables, gentle lighting and deeply mellow music will help you start to unwind and let go from the moment you arrive.

Aveda Products

It goes without saying that we only use Aveda products in any of our treatments. The advantages to using Aveda products are many. In choosing Aveda, you are only putting high quality, naturally derived products on your skin and hair. There are no harmful parabens, silicones or other chemicals in our products.

Aveda pride themselves on being leaders in environmentally friendly hair and beauty products for over 40 years.

Using certified organic and sustainably sourced ingredients, Aveda are cruelty free and 100% vegan. Products are manufactured using wind power and Aveda only use post-consumer recycled PET plastic packaging, whilst providing in-store recycling schemes.

Avedas mission statement is to care for the world in which we live with a view to further reduce their impact at every opportunity.

5 Reasons Why Choosing Aveda is Best for the Planet

But Back to the Massages!

Each of the three key Aveda massage offerings is defined by its focal point and you should choose whichever one resonates with your current state of being.

The three massages are called   

  • Aveda Stress Fix Massage
  • Aveda Chakra Balancing Massage
  • Aveda Aromatherapy Massage

The Aveda massages are all available in 45 minute, 60 minute, 75 minute and 90 minute sessions to suit your schedule and are all carried out by our Aveda trained therapists.

Pregnancy Massage Walton on Thames

Please note, we do offer an alternative massage pregnancy massage, which is bespoke to the lady that needs it. Our therapists carefully combine appropriate methods from each of the three Aveda massages such as a foot massage and some guided meditation, as well as gentle and effective techniques.

For our full range of treatments and services, see our Spa price list here

Meanwhile, let’s go through each of the key Aveda massages, including the background and the techniques used.

Aveda Stress Fix Massage

As the name suggests, the stress fix massage is one of the most relaxing massages you can have. The main goal is total relaxation and resetting your stress levels back to -zero. Specially trained Aveda therapists soothe your nervous system and muscles back into a neutral state, using proven Swedish massage, Indian head massage and deep tissue massage techniques.

Coupled with aromatherapy, tension simply melts away and you return home feeling super relaxed, rested and chilled.

This full body massage uses the Aveda stress fix™ range, including the composition oil and stress fix™ body crème which contains sea algae, certified organic shea butter and sunflower seed oil.

But the vital ingredient of the stress fix™ range is definitely lavender essential oil.

Lavender is proven to significantly reduce anxiety, agitation, nervousness, depressive symptoms and restlessness.  

In fact, lavender is known to improve mood, lower heart rate and adrenaline as well as regulate breathing.

During the Stress-Fix™ Body Massage, you’ll also enjoy a light guided meditation to help settle your mind and for mental clarity. Calming acupressure techniques will help the body to switch off the adrenal glands and transition to the ‘rest and digest’ mode using the parasympathetic nervous system.   

Aveda Chakra Balancing™ Massage

The Aveda Chakra Balancing™ Massage really is a unique and unforgettable experience unlike no other available massage in Walton on Thames. A beautiful combination of ritual from traditional ayurvedic techniques and aromatherapy, helps to connect all parts of you; mind, body and spirit.

By incorporating the energetic body, a greater understanding and appreciation for the myriad of the whole self occurs.

What are the Chakras?

The chakras are 7 energy ‘centres’ that align throughout your body from the crown of your head to the base of your spine. Each of these chakras is relatable on several layers – they represent the different elements such as the earth, air or water. They influence and link the emotional, physical, energetic, mental and spiritual sides of being human. Every chakra can be attributed to difficulties as they arise in life and understanding that gives us a tool for personal growth and healing. For example, for someone that feels angry all the time, we might work with the Manipura or Solar Plexis chakra.  

Chakras can be used to help explain and understand when part of our being feel ‘out of sync’ and by using them as focal points, we can ‘free‘ trapped or blocked energy.

In the chakra balancing™ massage often starts with aromatherapy and a guided meditation. Beginning with the back of the body, you will first be treated to deep tissue massage for your back.


Learn more about the gorgeous Aveda Chakra Body mists  

Much focus on the deep tissues of the gluteus medius and three erector spinae muscles means targeted and slow massage techniques, intended on manipulating the muscles and connective tissue (fascia) using strokes that follow the direction of the muscle fibres.

Reflexology can be specifically focused on chakras too. Since each chakra is attributed to a body part, the feet have a physical location for each chakra too. These are massaged and manipulated as necessary. Reflexology is a profound and deeply blissful experience which can completely transform the way you feel and inform you on various issues that can come up in the treatment.

Energy Work is also a key part of the Chakra Balancing Massage and is interwoven between the deep tissue massage and reflexology. Energy work involves a light touch where intention and connection help to open the chakras up. During the experience, you’ll be encouraged to breathe deeply and slowly, whilst being guided through a visualisation journey, specifically designed to enhance left/right sides of the brain. This sensory, meditational and energetic exchange can be pleasantly spine tingling, even powerful, whilst deeply relaxing.

Aveda Aromatherapy Massage

The aroma massage is based around a sensory journey using a range of high grade, certified organic essential oil blends. The Aveda aroma massage is completely customised to your preference of Aveda scents, which are combined with traditional massage techniques to delight your body.

The sense of smell is directly linked to emotions, memories and the imagination. Connected to some of the deepest parts of the brain, aroma can trigger vivid reactions. The olfactory nerve cells at the very back of the nose have minute hairs that are able to recognise a specific aroma, in turn sending nerve impulses to the limbic system, which governs our instinct and survival. Mood is known to change from even slight activity from this nerve signal.

When breathed in, essential oils also work internally with the respiratory system. Specific essential oils can be excellent for helping to maintain a healthy respiratory system thanks to their anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.

The final benefit from essential oils are on the skin, which is why there are many skincare creams listing essential oils in their ingredients. This is because most have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-fungal features, which can help with anything from dermatitis or acne. Antioxidants within essential oils also help to prevent cell damage and are ultimately anti-ageing.

The sensory journey of smell is entirely individual which is why guests are always asked to choose their own preference during this massage.

The 3 key aromas offered in the Aroma massage are

  • Stress fix
  • Beautifying
  • Shampure

Learn more about the science behind the Aveda aromas

Muscular pain, stress, tension and fatigue are soothed away with Swedish, deep tissue, acupressure and relaxation techniques. You can also request hot stones be added to your experience if you prefer.

The immune system is enlivened and tension is massaged away, leaving you calm but clear and revitalised.

Massage in Walton on Thames

Our massage menu is ideal for busy mums, stressed out office workers and those with physical jobs. In fact, there is nobody that won’t benefit deeply from one of these three amazing experiences!

Massage in Walton on Thames or our Guildford venue can be given as a gift voucher for a thoughtful gift to a loved one to really spoil them.

Walton upon Thames is situated with access from the M25 and just 20 minutes away from Hampton Court Palace, 30 minutes from London by train or just a few miles away from our Guildford High Street venue.

BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT ONLINE or call 01932 240856 for the Walton Spa or 01483 306655 for Guildford.

Alternatively, you may wish to purchase a gift voucher for a loved one which are valid for one year from the date of purchase. We offer a full range of spa services including waxing, facials, eyelash extensions, manicure and pedicures. You can buy these online or in store on your next visit.  

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