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Meet the Team – Cathie Newman – Guildford, Co General Manager

Over the next few months, we’ve been busy here at MAW headquarters in Guildford and have decided to let you have a little peek into the world of Aveda behind the scenes. We’d love for you to get to know us and our fantastic group of enthusiastic talented and friendly people, and so without further ado, would like to introduce Cathie Newman – our ever patient salon manager with a twinkle in her eye and one of the most longstanding residents of the Mary Ann Weeks team. It’s hard not to see why Cath is a well loved mother figure; pouring calming waters on any troubles and always maintaining a dignified and responsible nature. Let’s find out more!


Tell us a bit about you
I’m Cathie and I live in Guildford with my husband and two sons aged 11 and 16. They’re both football mad which means I spend way too much time outside on a football pitch shouting encouragement and wishing I was at least 10 degrees warmer. I love dining out and good food and suffer with a terrible allergy to exercise! We have two beloved dogs Buddy and Marley so I get to do lots of walking with them which gets me outside and moving. We also recently got a new kitten called Bella – the daughter I’ve always wanted – except she’s more badly behaved than the rest of them put together!

What’s your Job Title here at MAW Aveda?
I’m the Salon Manager

Can you describe in a few words what you do on a typical day?
Few words.. ok I’ll try! So I manage the day to day running of the salon which involves just about everything, but includes; Ordering stock and testers, liaising with Mary and Julian (the owners) about upcoming offers and promotions. I take care of the banking, maintenance of the shop floor and window displays. I motivate the team with encouragement and offer an ear if they need it alongside organising staff holidays and rotas’, booking team training at the Aveda head office and in store training for new products being launched. Of course most importantly I also book our clients their appointments which is my pleasure!

How long have you worked with us?

I have had the pleasure of working at MAW salons for a mere 14 years, the salon opened August 2003 and I joined April 2004. It was a great decision of mine and I’ve never looked back!

What are your favourite things about working with Aveda?
Wow! So many! I think there are far too many great things about working here but importantly I really do love working with Mary and Julian who are now firm friends. We have a brilliant vibrant team and I love that we go out regularly together; in fact some of the best times have been with this gang! We also have a lovely client base which is great and keeps me wanting to do my best to serve them. Whoever said enjoying what you do means it’s not really work was right. I do love my job!

What is your best memory of working here?
Unfortunately I can’t say as it’s not appropriate for print! 😉 Put it this way, it was out socialising as aforementioned and not during work hours! Lots of happy times, jokes and smiles along the way.

If you could nominate any one of your team for an award for something, what would the award be and who would it go to?
Nominating a member of MAW salon is difficult as everyone adds their own special ingredient as to why we make such a great team, so sorry, I’m wimping out of this one! Diplomatic as ever!

Well there you have it! Pop into our Guildford Salon sometime and you’ll find the lovely Cath ready and waiting with a warm smile to greet you and help you with what you need.

Watch out for the next interview with one of our long standing beauty therapists Charlotte, as we learn all about what floats her boat!

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