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Meet the Team – Walton Salon Ambassador Sarah Dean

Meet the Team - Sarah Dean

Since we’re celebrating Mothers day this month, who better to give our Meet the Team interview with than our Walton Salon Ambassador Sarah Dean. Sarah is so busy with four children (and of course loving her job at Mary Ann Weeks Aveda), that we hope she gets a lot of well deserved rest and relaxation this mothers day! Read on to find out more about this talented stylist and colourist in one…

Sarah, tell us about your life outside MAW? e.g.hobbies / family / where are you from?
Outside of Mary Ann Weeks I’m a very, busy, active mum of four beautiful children.

What’s your job title at Mary Ann Weeks Aveda?
Artistic Director and colour ambassador.

Can you describe in a few words what you do?
I am the salons ‘colour ambassador’, which means I keep in constant contact with the Aveda education team and keep the salon up to date with new products and training. I also cut and style hair of course!

Tell us how long have you worked with us?
I’ve worked at Mary Ann Weeks since the salon opened in 2008 so pretty much a part of the furniture! It’s really great knowing the whole team so well and feeling right at home at work.

What are your favourite things about working with Aveda?
The Aveda ethos really appeals to me and I’m very proud to work for an organisation in the hair and beauty industry that is so committed to being cruelty free. As an animal lover that’s really important to me. Treating humans well is also great and so Avedas support for many charities from Water aid to Earth day, as well as other good causes gives me a good feeling about working for them.

Whats your best memory of working here?
With 10 years under my belt I have a lot of lovely memories, so I’m choosing my best three! The first is helping, restoring and guiding some of my guests through loosing their hair from terminal illness. The second is seeing my work on the national television awards which was amazing! The third has to be becoming salon ambassador – it really feels like great recognition for my work here.

Whats your ‘go to’ Aveda product and why?
That’s got to be the Confixor liquid gel! It’s a really lightweight styling gel for medium hold. I really like to use it because it conditions and contains a protein called morikue for strength. The aroma is just so good! I would say in my experience it’s a must have for people with fine to medium hair because it styles but keeps the soft movement making it feel like you’re not using anything.

If you could nominate anyone at MAW Aveda for an award for something what would the award be and who for?
My award would have to go to our manageress Jo… I really enjoy working together – she is always such a fair boss and I consider her to be the fairy godmother of our salon here in Walon because she can make it happen!

What do you use on your own skin?
Avedas Botanical Kinetics Hydrating lotion is my go to for skin care – its really great for moisturising but stays lightweight and smells lovely!

What’s your top beauty hack?
Less is more!

And last of all, how do you like to relax after a busy day at the spa?
I like to relax in a nice hot bath with the stress fix soaking salts.. simple but very effective and gives the mental unwind that I need after a hectic day.

Thanks Sarah and we all wish you a Very Happy Mothers Day! If you’d like to meet Sarah in person and have her share her many years of expertise with you in our gorgeous Mary Ann Weeks Aveda Walton salon, then give us a call to book now on 01932 240856. You can also find out about any of our Walton staff by visiting here

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