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Meet the Team – Emma Chandler – Guildford, Co General Manager

This month we thought we’d shake it up a bit and talk to one of the people responsible for the smooth running of the ship that is Mary Ann Weeks Aveda Guildford. Emma has been with us for a relatively short time but has already climbed her way up to Co General Manager, thanks to her sharp organisational skills, calm demeanour, gentle persuasion skills and underlying good humour! Let’s find out more…

Co General Manager at Aveda Guildford Emma Chandler

– Tell us About Your Life Outside MAW?

I am married to my husband David and we have two children Henry 5 and Sophia 3 who keep us on our toes! I have lived in Guildford since 2010 and have settled into life here really well. I am a keen runner and enjoy going out for a long run after a long day at the salon or a busy day with the children. On a rare night out, I enjoy the cinema. I am also a fan of the odd manicure (in our luxury nail bar of course!) and an Aveda facial once in a blue moon!

What’s your Job Title at Mary Ann Weeks Aveda?

Co General Manager – A busy but very rewarding role!

Describe in a Few Words What You Do – and What’s your Speciality?

My main day to day task is to be front of house on the reception desk. I book in clients and ensure that the salon day runs smoothly for all the hairdressers, apprentices and therapists. Of course I love to make sure our guests are having the optimum experience and am on hand to problem solves where needed. The day to day tasks also fall under my remit – like making sure the space is maintained well, all equipment is up to scratch and products are well stocked. There are of course a lot of administrative tasks that come with being the Co General Manager but to many to mention! I would say my speciality is being able to stay calm in the busy environment we work in, which I hope reflects onto the team too. Hairdressers can be up against it and it’s important they are supported.

How Long Have You Worked With Us?

I have been here since October 2018, so nearly my 1 year birthday! I may even have my hair and nails done to celebrate!

What are Your Favourite Things About Working With Aveda?

I have learnt so much since working with the Aveda products and it is great to know that I am working with products that are produced so ethically. The wider Aveda family is hugely  positive and I love how everyone who works with Aveda is so passionate about it. It definitely rubs off on you and you aspire to inspire others to care about the environment and choose products wisely. I’m really proud to work for such a fantastic brand as Aveda.

What’s Your Best Memory of Working Here?

So far my best memory has been going down to Brighton to do the silent disco beach clean team builder! It was great to go out as a team and do something good for the environment. Obviously with 2 children I think about their future and what kind of planet we’re leaving for them. I took them with me on the day and it was lovely to think we were all setting this fantastic example to them.

What’s Your ‘Go To’ Aveda Product and Why?

Having fine hair I have found the Cherry Almond a dream on my hair. It smells delicious and makes my hair feel sooo soft! I love it!

If You Could Nominate Anyone at MAW Aveda for an Award for
Something, What Would the Award Be and Who For?

It would be my fellow Co General Manager Cathie. She works super hard and has been a great support to me since I have started. She has been here for so long she is really fantastic to teach me about the intricate parts of running the business. There is so much going on in the background that people don’t realise – from phone music to loyalty points to the latest offers to getting the floor cleaned and everything in between!

What Do You Use On Your Own Hair/Skin?

Stress fix is perfect for days when you need to relax

I love our Stress Fix body range this is great to use at home to help relax – lavender is one of my favourite smells… Shampure is another one that is great for my hair type and it comes as a hand and body wash which which my 3 year old loves the smell of and gladly washes her hands with it! A major perk of working here are the staff discounts on the products so it’s easy to get addicted and want to try everything!

What’s Your Top Hair Tip?

I have learnt from the Aveda Guildford stylists to towel dry your hair a bit before you add conditioner to get the most out of it – and as the products are so professional and high quality you really don’t need anywhere near as much as you think you do – sometimes you just don’t know these things until you’re told but that one has been a real game changer! It’s also been great to get a bit of direction about which Aveda shampoo is best for my hair type – our stylists can advise you on exactly the right products for you which is a great feature of our service.

How Do You Like to Relax After a Busy Day at the Spa?

Running is my switch off time. I love the meditational quality of it and that I can just keep going. I especially love to run down by the Canal in Guildford – it’s so peaceful and I can just zone out and leave it all behind…Plus the kids can’t follow me as I’m too fast 😉

Emma is always happy to see you so next time you pop in your your appointment be sure to say hello! Ask her about Pure Privilege, Loyalty schemes and latest offers and she’ll be glad to help. Call 01483 306655 to book your appointment with us or feel free to book your hair or spa service online

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