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Meet the Team – Ermira, Guildford Spa

Introducing the newest addition to the Guildford Spa team, Ermira! Loving nothing more than to spoil her clients with superb treatments, Ermira is particularly good at massaging, with a recent client leaving a 5 star review on google “Had a full body massage today by Ermira and was one of the best I’ve ever had! She worked so hard on my shoulders and back . I feel so much better and she even recommended some things to help ease it.”

Tell us About Your Life Outside MAW? 

Hello I’m Ermira! I live in Guildford with my husband  and we have 2  children age 12 and 9 ( Fabio & Morena ). My life outside MAW is busy busy busy! I’m basically up to something all the time – having 2 children that are very active means I’m never home. What with school run, and the many clubs they belong to including daily swimming, gymnastics, ice skating and rugby I don’t stop! I love it though – they keep me young and I feel like a happy kid cheering in every competition they’re are in! Sundays are one of my favourite days as that’s our family day – and we love all going out on our bikes exploring in the woods. As for me, I really enjoy cooking and baking, going walking and am a big fan of climbing mountains. You could say I’m a bit of an adrenaline junky because I absolutely love having crazy adventures! I have done parachute jumps, rope jumping, free fall and skydiving  and I’m always searching for the next thrill!…My philosophy is that in life we get one shot so I think we all should start doing the things that we enjoy now instead of waiting until we’re too old. No regrets! 

What’s your Job Title at Mary Ann Weeks Aveda? 

I have been working in the industry for a few years and I’m now a Senior Aveda Therapist.

Describe in a Few Words What You Do, & What’s Your Speciality?

As a beauty therapist I’d say I’m especially good at facial and body care. I provide a range of different treatments, that are customised to my guests needs. Typical services include facials, waxing, massage, lash and brow treatments, manicure/pedicure and other body treatments like electrotherapy . My most enjoyable treatment to give though is definitely massage  I just love the quietening of the room, the gentle rhythm of the music and being able to completely surrender a person into relaxing – I also find myself relaxing into it so it’s beneficial for both!

How Long Have You Worked With Us?

I haven’t been at Guildford Aveda for very long, but everyone has made me feel so welcome and I can see it’s a special part of the team here in the Spa. I feel like I have fitted in really well and hope everyone else feels the same! 

What are Your Favourite Things About Working With Aveda?

On a personal level, it’s very friendly here and a fun place to work. The Aveda training is really thorough and management are very supportive. I really admire the Aveda values and mission statement, which I believe makes it a really special place. As for the products, well they smell amazing and are fantastic quality so that makes it really easy to work with too!

What’s Your Best Memory of Working Here?

I have only recently joined the team so I’m sure there will be many great memories to be made! I’m really looking forward to it

What’s Your ‘Go To’ Aveda Product and Why?

It has to be the Aveda Botanical  Intense Hydrating Masque. It’s so pure, clean and refreshing on your skin! In all my time as a beauty therapist, I can honestly say it’s the most relaxing product that you can put on your face. My skin feels so soft and clean afterwards and I can feel myself relaxing more when I apply it. Totally my new best thing after work or at the end of a busy week!

If You Could Nominate Anyone at MAW Aveda for an Award for Something, What Would the Award Be and Who For? 

Hmm i find it hard just to nominate one person as  all have been very helpful and kind !  I would like to thank each one of them for making me feel welcome.I’m very excited to be part of  Mary Ann Weeks team and i look forward to working with everyone . 
9-What Do You Use On Your Own Hair/Skin?I use Aveda Shampure Shampo and Condition is amazing my hair feels soft hydrated and smells wonderful too .It leaves my hair and scalp feeling healthy.On my face i cleanse tone and moisturiser and i use exfoliation  once a week .I’m loving  Aveda botanical lotion, is the best cleanse for my combination skin and it doesn’t leave my skin dry . 

What’s your Top Skincare tip ? 

Always double – cleanse your face twice a day , morning and evening. No excuses! Use A Daily Moisturiser, no matter what your skin type is – dry, oily, combination, or acne prone. Maintaining a healthy moisture balance is extremely important. Drink plenty of water and exercise regularly, like doing yoga or going for a run because it will help increase blood flow to skin, which in turn helps keep it free of toxins. Exercise also helps to decrease stress, which is also not great for the condition of your skin. Wear suncream every day, because the sun is the biggest cause of skin damage.

How Do You Like to Relax After a Busy Day at the Spa? 

The day goes so quick at work, but when I get home, the first thing I do is have a shower and head over in the kitchen. I call it my second living room :). After dinner, the children like to choose a movie and will all cuddle up on the cosy sofa in our PJs with popcorn! If I’m not too tired, I like reading and I’m also a big fan of horror movies!

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