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Meet the Team – Kiran, Beauty Therapist, Guildford Spa

In this months ‘Meet the Team’ interview, we’ve grabbed Guildford spa therapist Kiran, who’s recently made the move down from Manchester to join our spa therapists team. We are thrilled to welcome her, especially with her abundance of experience in the beauty industry. Kiran also offers her additional skills in facial threading and silk lash extensions that we know our guests will love! Let’s find out more…

Tell us about your life outside MAWAveda – Hobbies, family, work history? 

I’ve recently moved to Guildford after getting married in June 2021. I’m still getting to know the area, but so far I’m really loving my new city! There are some really beautiful surroundings here and I’m busy making new friends and getting acquainted with the area.

Before I moved here and started working for Aveda, I was self-employed, running my own freelance business in the hair and beauty industry.

I’ve worked in this industry for over 10 years and I love it because of what you’re able to give others and how you can really transform the way someone feels.

I also love how you can always evolve and learn more. For the past 2 years I’ve been teaching beauty therapy too, which really adds a new dimension to my job. I really love teaching my craft to others! 

What’s your Job Title at Mary Ann Weeks Aveda and how long have you worked with us?

My official job title is a spa therapist, specialising as a lash and brow technician.  

I’ve worked with Aveda since August 21, so I’m still a total newbie here, but so far so good! 

Describe in a few words what services you offer in our Guildford spa and what your favourite part of the job is…

I offer pretty much the whole menu of treatments you’d expect to find in a spa and am busy learning all the special detail that makes the Aveda spa experience so unique.

My services include beauty therapy, holistic massage, facials, manicures, pedicures, as well as maintenance treatments like waxing. I especially love being able to offer facial threading as a great alternative for hair removal.

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Another offering of mine is lash extensions – it’s very intricate work and the end result is just beautiful on anyone really! I offer silk eyelash extensions too which work really well for anyone with very fine or weak natural lashes.

As far as my favourite part of the job? It has to be facials or lash extensions because I just get into the zone and find it almost meditative myself! I pride myself on delivering high standards and connecting with new guests is really important to me, because I feel I can really enjoy my job even more when I know the client well. 

What are your favourite things about working with Aveda as a brand?

Aveda is pretty special brand, just because it’s the leader in ethical and sustainable beauty. The hair and skin products are just incredible quality and they smell divine! I think what’s especially great is how they’re always trying to improve – so recently they became 100% vegan and they are really conscious about the packaging too – only using recycled plastics and developing recycling programs to minimise waste.

In terms of Mary Ann Weeks Aveda Guildford, the spa area is just so beautifully done, really calming, gorgeous character building and décor. Of course, the spa team are also really lovely to work with so I feel like I’ve totally landed on my feet!

What’s your ‘Go To’ Aveda product that you recommend to guests and why?

I’m still learning about all the Aveda products every day and I’m so excited to try all the different shampoos, skin creams and serums!

From what I’ve tried so far, my go-to Aveda product is the Botanical Kinetics Oil Control Lotion.

This is such a fantastic moisturiser for oily skin! Personally, my skin gets really oily throughout the day and I’m prone to breakouts, but I can honestly say that since using the oil control lotion, I’m finding my skin has improved massively. Breakouts are so much less and oil levels are back under control!

So this is what I’ve been recommending to guests lately, but to be honest, I’d recommend all of the products because I know they deliver!

What do you use on your own hair/skin?

For my hair routine, I’ve started using the Invati shampoo and conditioner, because this works so well for fine, thin hair as mine is.

Invati gives my hair so much more body and the turmeric and scalp cleansers mean it encourages hair to grow more.

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My daily skincare routine is always cleanse, tone, serum (I’m using the new Aveda Concentrate Bright Serum to help my complexion look radiant). Then I apply the Aveda Oil control lotion.

I always always finish off with a high SPF cream every morning. 

Each week, I’ll use the Aveda refiner exfoliator twice and I also use the cooling and radiance mask.

Do you have a top beauty tip you can share with our readers?

Yes! My top tip is for puffy tired eyes… If you’re prone to this, I recommend putting your eye cream in the fridge and then apply it cold – it does wonders for reducing swollen eyes instantly and feels amazing! 

How do you like to relax after a busy day at the salon?

After a busy day at the salon, I’m ready for some me time! I love home cooking and honestly, I quite enjoy cleaning too! After that, it’s a soak in the bath for me. The simple pleasures! 

If you could nominate anyone at MAW Aveda for an award for something, what would the award be and who For?

I nominate Lizzie for perfecting my restyle cut and colour!

When I arrived at Mary Ann Weeks, I had really long hair and wanted a change. I couldn’t quite put my finger on what though… So Lizzie took over and coloured my hair using foliage without using bleach.

She really listened to what I wanted and recommended the best cut and colour for me. The restyle of a long bob cut was perfect for my face shape and I totally love my new hair! I would definitely recommend Lizzie if you’re thinking of a new look!

Thank you so much for your time Kiran and we are delighted to have you on board!

To book your next spa appointment in with Kiran or any of our talented spa therapists, book using the button below or call us on 01483 306655 for Guildford or 01932 240856 for Walton.  

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