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Meet the Team – Veronika Vbriarova – Spa, Guildford

Veronika enjoying the sunshine with her famous Aveda red hair!

Dubbed ‘Magic hands Veronika’ she’s been one of the favourite members of the MAW Guildford team for quite some time. Her easy going, hard working persona often delivered with a twinkle in the eye, ticks all the boxes amongst clients and staff alike. Her caring nature extends beyond the spa and into her ‘real life’ as a compassionate part time vegan and earth lover. Not only that; If you have ever had a massage with Veronika, you’ll understand why she is legendary! Here’s her interview to learn a bit more about the Slovakian Earth Goddess that is Veronika…

Tell us About Your Life Outside MAW?

Life after work, that sounds like a movie title. I like to learn, create and explore. For the last few months I have been learning Portuguese so that I am able to speak a little when we go to Brazil again with my boyfriend, or when we go to Portugal. That brings me to my love for travelling and exploring new places. There are many lovely places around Guildford too, don’t have to go far to find an oasis of natural beauty. I am glad that my boyfriend shares this exploring passion with me, and so he does for plants as well. We started to expand our plant family and create a little jungle in our home. When there is time, I can just craft and draw.

What’s your Job Title at Mary Ann Weeks Aveda?

I’m a Senior Aveda Therapist.

Describe in a Few Words What You Do – and What’s your speciality?

Creative nail art is one of Veronikas favourite things

I like to pamper my clients and look after them so that they feel relaxed, stress free and welcome regardless the treatment they came for, including waxing!
As I am quite creative and enjoy colourful things, when it comes to manicures and pedicures I am like a fish in the water. Nails and colours…bring it on!

How Long Have You Worked With Us?

It has been 4 years and a few months. The time goes really fast!

What are Your Favourite Things About Working With Aveda?

I would say that it is Aveda’s authenticity and mission I really connect with and believe in. As well, knowing that Aveda as a brand doesn’t focus on exterior beauty only, but also wants to help you to feel beautiful inside. Aveda takes you as a individual, therefore the treatments are all customised. At the same time Aveda contributes back to society and does not harm, nor test on animals.

What’s Your Best Memory of Working Here?

There are plenty of memories collected from years of working here at MAW Aveda. The craziest was probably my 1st Aveda summer garden party with lots of garden games, disco, good food, lovely weather and everybody was so happy and fun! I remember it like yesterday. And then Brighton Beach Clean, a really meaningful one. That opens your eyes and makes you realise how much rubbish is around us. Since then I have a nudge to just grab a bin bag and walk around here in Guildford, or along the River Wey, to gather up some waste. Anybody want to join?

What’s Your ‘Go To’ Aveda Product and Why?

The product I can not live without is Botanical Kinetics Exfoliant. It exfoliates gently, so it’s great even for sensitive skin – shows that a product doesn’t need to be harsh to be effective. My skin feels so clean afterwards and doesn’t dry out. Exfoliant also prevent the dead skin cells build up, so even if I forget to do the exfoliation, my skin still feels nice and smooth. On top of it, smells amazingly nice (like all Aveda products actually!).

If You Could Nominate Anyone at MAW Aveda for an Award for Something, What Would the Award Be and Who For?

I think everyone deserves an Award for making our salon and spa run as smoothly as it can. If I really have to choose, then I’d nominate our little sunshine Simona. She is the salon’s apprentice and assistant. She is amazing person who helps where it is needed without even asking. She is on the top of every task, works hard and studies now to be a hairdresser. Makes you laugh and stands by your side. She is really dedicated and fair. Well done Simo. I am so proud of you Simo!

What Aveda products do You Use On Your Own Hair/Skin?

Aveda’s products contain ingredients that are naturally derived and yet are so powerful that I use a variety of them.
For my hair care routine, I use Aveda Brilliant Shampoo and the Brilliant Conditioner, which makes my hair really shiny and nourished – but without the heaviness. I apply Brilliant Damage Control to help my hair de-tangle after washing and I use Invati Scalp Revitalizer to keep my scalp clean, nourished and exfoliated. 

For body, I use the Aveda Rosemary and Mint Bath Bar. I love the invigorating fresh aroma and it just doesn’t dry my skin out at all. Plus no plastic packaging on that one which is a real bonus too. 

Aveda Botanical Kinetics Skincare

When it comes to my skin care, I use Botanical Kinetics Purifying Gel Cleanser to clean my skin in the evening and in the morning, Botanical Kinetics Exfoliant which helps to balance the skin after cleansing but also gently exfoliate every time. Then I apply Tulasara Bright Concentrate under Botanical Kinetics Intensive Hydrating Soft Creme and in the mornings I apply Daily Light Guard.

What’s Your Top Skincare Tip?

I would say understand your skin and what an extraordinary organ it is, and treat it with care and respect. Cleaning and moisturising daily will keep it beautiful. Using sunscreen is a MUST! The sun is there even when it is hidden behind the clouds. Then keep yourself hydrated and try to have enough sleep too.

How Do You Like to Relax After a Busy Day at the Spa?

It gets quite late the by time I finish work, so I like to just go home and switch off. I created a ritual that works for me well, especially now in the autumn and winter: to make myself a huge hot cup of herbal tea and just chill in the garden wrapped up in a blanket and breathe the crisp air. If it is raining just put my feet up. Afterwards I can enjoy a nice dinner with my boyfriend and either watch a movie or dive into a captivating book.

Loving your style Veronika! If you’d like the gorgeous and exceptionally talented Veronika to make you feel heavenly with an Aveda massage, facial, manicure, eyebrow shape, makeover, or even wax (!) then book an appointment online or give our Guildford Spa reception a call on 01483 306655.

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