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Meet the Team – Zara Rees, Guildford Salon

Zara Rees Mary Ann Weeks Aveda Guildford Hair Stylist Salon

This month we’ve sat down and had a warming cup of Aveda tea and a natter with salon favourite Zara Rees! Although a relative newbie in Mary Ann Weeks terms, Zara is most definitely a well loved face to be seen at our Guildford salon. With her cool exterior, eye for fashion and sharp scissor skills, down to earth Zara will give you the great style you’re after. Read on to find out more.

 Tell us about your life outside MAW? e.g.hobbies / family / where are you from?
I was actually born in Cyprus and lived there until I was 5 with my twin sister. Much as we loved that lifestyle, we moved to the depths of Yorkshire, to a very small country village nestled between Harrogate and York.

These days, I have 4 kids and I love life as a busy mum and Aveda hairstylist! To keep me sane, I love to go riding and the children have inherited my love of horses and ponies. A great deal of our time is spent driving them all around various parts of Surrey to pony club competitions. Sometimes we do better than others! :)

What’s your job title at Mary Ann Weeks Aveda?
Artistic director

Describe in a few words what you do?
I try to create the look that clients are after and it gives me great pleasure to see big smiles when that finally tweak is done and they walk out of the salon with so much confidence. I have always loved fashion and looking well, so this job suits me well.

How long have you worked with us?
Almost 3 years which has flown by! I must be having fun!

What are your favourite things about working with Aveda?
I really love how the products are all natural, but mostly the smells of the products are just gorgeous. You know you’re close by to work as the lovely aromas drift down the high street!

Whats your best memory of working here?
My 1st day because the team are great – they’re so welcoming and such a nice lot to work with. I just knew I was going to get along well and enjoy this job.

Whats your ‘go to’ Aveda product and why?
Shampure because it’s great for all hair types and it’s a good all rounder for cleansing, softness, shine and repair… It’s also plant based and cruelty free – because I love animals it important to me that there’s no testing on animals. Mostly thought Shampure just smells amazing – it’s Aveda in a bottle!

If you could nominate anyone at MAW Aveda for an award for something what would the award be and who for?
All of our assistance deserve an award for all their patience and hard work with us demanding stylists! They honestly are the heroes because they do all the gritty jobs that nobody wants to do and are like the fairies that do everything from bringing the Aveda tea and sweeping the floor to offering the Aveda rituals (hand massages, chakra experiences and scalp massages). We can’t thank them enough

What do you use on your own skin?
Aveda botanical kinetics™ hydrating treatment lotion. It contains algae, and my skin literally just drinks it up… it feels so plump and smooth afterwards. I love it and always recommend it to my clients and friends.

What’s your top beauty hack?
I love nature and being natural to look beautiful so my top beauty hack is to look after you skin with lots of facials… Also wear very little make up to highlight your features without overdoing it.

How do you like to relax after a busy day at Mary Ann Weeks Aveda Guildford?
My absolute favourite is a facial – our ladies upstairs in the spa are fabulous and one of the major perks of our job is being able to book in for a treatment when we need to – so relaxing and definitely what the doctor ordered after being on my feet all day.

Thanks Zara! We hope you enjoyed getting to know a little more about our favourite Yorkshire lass and invite you to come in and see her skills for yourself – To book an appointment, call 01483 306655. Of course if you’re new to our salon, you can take advantage of our New Guest Offer which includes a FREE 50ml Aveda product of choice, a FREE massage or facial in our luxury spa above the salon AND a £10 voucher off for any spa treatment.

Zara and all the Mary Ann Weeks Aveda team look forward to seeing you in our salon soon!

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