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Meet the Team, Zoe Tomkins – Walton Salon

Young, edgy and full of positive energy, we interviewed Aveda Senior Stylist Zoe Tomkins to find out what motivates her to drive her hairdressing career forwards. Let’s explore how she gets on working in the Walton Salon team and a little more about her life outside of work…

Tell us About Your Life Outside MAW?

I’m 21, and I really love socialising with my friends and just spending time with family – pretty simple really! My passion is hairdressing so pretty much everything else squeezes in alongside that! I am always looking to widen my qualification and knowledge in this industry. Aveda is really great at expanding our training and keeping us up to date with all the latest hair trends, new products, colouring. The journey is endless and as hairdressers we never sit still for too long.

What’s your Job Title at Mary Ann Weeks Aveda?

I am an Aveda qualified Senior Hair Stylist

Describe in a Few Words What You Do – and What’s your speciality?

My hair knowledge is quite broad, which I’m very proud of as I’ve worked hard to get here. Cutting and colouring are both in my portfolio but I must say I love doing occasion hair – especially updos for weddings, bridal hair and proms. Turning a guest from looking normal to looking really special and seeing them leave confident and glamorous really inspires me. The hairdressing business covers so many different aspects, so I’m always motivated to keep learning and trying new styles.

How Long Have You Worked With Us?

In total I’ve worked for Mary Ann Weeks Aveda in Walton for 6 years, although I had a little break in the middle. The fact is the salon is wonderful and the team are fantastic, so it drew me back in!

What are Your Favourite Things About Working With Aveda?

I especially love working with the Aveda colour – it’s really quite unique and the natural ingredients make it pretty awesome. The mission statement of Aveda as a brand is great for everyone because it’s so focused on protecting and working with the environment. Working for a business that cares and to be around people that feels the same way about helping the planet means a lot and I’m very happy and proud to work in such a place.

What’s Your Best Memory of Working Here?

When I started working for Aveda Walton I was just 15, so I really have gone through a right of passage here into womanhood. Being around inspirational team mates who have become friends, means we’ve created so many great memories! We have lots of laughs and giggles and are there to support each other so I feel really grateful and lucky. Probably my best memories have to be the Christmas parties where we tend to really let our hair down and go wild!

What’s Your ‘Go To’ Aveda Hair Product and Why?

My (new!) go to product is the new Nutriplenish leave in conditioner spray. This is a game changer – it’s just fantastic for detangling, and it has a heat protectant which helps protect against blow dry heat. The moisture boost is insanely good and my clients hair is just gorgeous to feel when it’s done. My other go to is the Aveda Confixor gel. It’s been around for years and it’s just brilliant for styling, especially mid to shorter length hair to give some grit and texture. It also smells lovely! I use this so often at work, I’d be devastated if it was to ever go!

What Do You Use On Your Own Hair/Skin?

For my own hair, I use a variety of the Aveda shampoos and conditioner that I like to switch around. At the moment I’m using Cherry Almond, which makes my hair smell Amazing and leaves is super soft, Damage remedy to help protect and nourish my hair so it’s always in tip top condition, Colour conserve so my colour stays put for longer and for gentle cleaning and now I’m also using the Nutriplenish shampoo and conditioner because that’s fabulous for hydrating when my hair feels dry. I also love the leave in conditioners for a weekly deep treatment and I’m also partial to damage remedy daily hair repair. So not much really! 😉

What’s Your Top Hair Tip?

If your hair doesn’t hold curls doesn’t hold quite so wash your well hair the day before and it should for sure hold your curls longer! 

If You Could Nominate Anyone at MAW Aveda for an Award for Something, What Would the Award Be and Who For?

I would nominate fellow stylist Lizzie for always picking you up when you’re having a bad day. She has a way of making you laugh and smile just when you need it the most.

How Do You Like to Relax After a Busy Day at the Salon?

I know it’s cliche but I just like to eat a nice quality dinner, sit down and relax with a good series on Netflix! Standing on your feet all day just means sitting down is a real luxury!

Thank you Zoe! It’s been lovely to get to know you a little better and we’re delighted that you love working at the Walton salon so much because we love having you there! If you’d like Zoe to be your next appointment, why not call us and book yourself in on 01932 240856, or for cuts only, book online

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