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NEW NanoKeratin Hair Treatment for Healthy Smooth Hair That Shines! Astonishing Benefits & Results!

The hairdressers in our Walton and Guildford Salons are getting pretty excited. Know why? Because we’ve just launched what has been hailed as hair product of the year for 2020! Guildford salon manager Cathie Newman has had her trial and has been delighted with the results! Hair that is super smooth and shiny for weeks on end. Let’s explore more about this fantastic product!

What are Nanokeratin Smoothing Treatments?

The Nanokeratin smoothing system is a revolutionary hair treatment designed to benefit you in a number of key ways. With formula that uses Keratin in it’s purest form, nanokeratin replicates the natural structure of your hair and penetrates each cuticle, enabling it to repair damage and renew the hair shaft to its original state of health.

What are the Benefits?

Immediate Long Lasting Beautiful Hair, Like New

Results can be seen immediately and with the right aftercare can last up to 3-6 months! Your hair will appear youthful, shiny and frizz free for weeks on end. Curly hair is more relaxed with defined shiny curls and straight hair is glossy and super smooth.

Nano Smooth also allows your Aveda stylist to rinse the formula straight off meaning there are no style restrictions.

Eliminate Frizzy Hair With NanoSmooth Pure

Frizz caused by heat and humidity can be a frustrating hair problem, but hair is transformed with the latest NanoSmooth Pure keratin treatment at Mary Ann Weeks Aveda Salon & Spa Guildford.  Now containing no formaldehyde, this formula is suitable for all hair types and leaves hair super glossy, smooth and shiny like never before!  

Speed Up Blow Drying Time

The main benefit of nano keratin is that you can reduce blow drying time by up to 80%! What we like to call the ‘Lotus effect’ is explained below. You can create professional looking results at home, which last longer. That means you don’t need styling touch-ups between washes either. Just low maintenance, beautiful hair 24/7.

How Long Will The Nanokeratin Smoothing Treatment Last?

Provided you follow all the aftercare advice given your smoothing treatment can last between 3-6 months. This can vary depending on lifestyle.

Will The Keratin Smoothing Treatment Work On My Hair Type?

Yes. This treatment is ideal for all hair types and especially effective on really coarse, damaged hair or hair that has previously been bleached. The results are astonishing!

How Long Does The Keratin Smoothing Treatment Take?

It varies depending on the length and thickness of your hair. We recommend that you consult with a stylist before having your keratin smoothing treatment consultation, so we may tailor make the treatment to your specific needs and you know how much time you’ll need to book out on your hairdresser visit.

My Hair Is Coloured – Can I Have a Nano Pure Hair Smoothing Treatment?

Yes. The treatment is completely colour safe and can even be applied directly after a colouring service so you may wish to get it all done in one visit to our Guildford or Walton salons. We do recommend that you wait for at least 2 weeks before having your hair coloured again after you’ve had the smoothing treatment.

Your coloured hair will look better as a result of using Nanokeratin

I’ve Had Chemical Services On My Hair Previously – Is It Ok To Have a Keratin Smoothing Blow Dry?

Yes. If you have had chemical treatments like straightening or perms, you’re still fine to use the Nanokeratin straightening treatments. Because the nanokeratin smoothing treatment mimics the natural compounds already in the hair, it’s completely safe. Not only that, but the nanokeratin system provides the best chance for fresh new hair growth too. Your hair will look thicker, healthy and better as a result of the treatment!

I Loved My NanonKeratin Smoothing Treatment and Want Another. Is Re-Application To My Roots Only?

No. the keratin smoothing system is reapplied to the whole head every time so please allow time when you book your appointment.

I’m Booked To Go On Holiday. Is NanoKeratin Safe For My Hair To Swim?

We advise that you leave 4 days between swimming in the sea or pool after having this treatment, in order to fully protect your hair.

I’m Convinced! How Much Is It And Do I Book?

The Nanokeratin Smoothing service is now available in our Walton and Guildford Salons. To book you will need a full consultation and price will be given on that basis. Call us now on 01932 240856 for Walton or 01483 306655 for Guildford to book your hair appointment today!

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