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Time to Relax & Unwind Post Christmas…Chill Out Aveda Style

Relaxing is About More than Watching Christmas Movies!

We all know Christmas can be more than a little overwhelming as we get swept up in Christmas card writing and sending, the long list of presents for family friends and the postman, not to mention the mammoth task of Christmas dinner and all the trimmings! Much as we love the best bit of seeing our loved ones for quality time and warm hugs, it’s no surprise that by Christmas day we can feel like we need some serious rest and relaxation.

Once you can catch your breath – and get some of your time, think about the best ways you might be able to self care. Not that slouching in front of the telly or staring at your phone doesn’t feel great, but how about something a little more mindful than that?

Regardless of your favourite ways to kick back and relax, why not use this wellness list to inspire you to try a different way to revitalise and refresh naturally after all that dinner, partying and energy?

Take a Walk in Nature

Grab your (or a friends!) dog, or if you don’t have one, grab your favourite music and get walking. Somewhere that’s beautiful to you that you can really get deep into absorbing and enjoying is perfect. Walking is a wonderful way to observe your surroundings, breathe deep, lift your soul and clear the mind. It also increases circulation and aids digestion, making you feel lighter and less bloated.

You See a Special Kind of Magic On Foot


Getting some head space after all the Christmas stimulation is critical to really feeling calmer and unwinding. Meditation is a proven stress relief that improves your concentration, self-awareness and perspective. Whether you spend 2 minutes or 20, try and find somewhere warm and peaceful to sit still and just be. Put a timer on so you’re not distracted about how long you’ve got, close your eyes and relax. Listen to your gentle unhurried breath and focus on softening your whole body, allowing gravity to naturally secure you. Notice thoughts that come and go and allow whatever needs to come to the surface. Feel free to add some gentle natural music like waves or rainfall if you find it relaxing.

Snooze time

Don’t be afraid to take naps over the holiday period. It’s your right to rest! Short naps are proven to boost immunity, de-stress and energise you all in one. Keep your naps to less than 25 minutes for maximum effect and so they don’t affect your main sleep pattern. Likewise, don’t be tempted to sit up to the small hours just because you can. Get yourself to bed at a reasonable time and have your full 8 hours so you feel fully rested and awake.

Book Some Spa Time

If you were lucky enough to grab a gift card this year, then why not book it in? Aveda massages, facials, manicures, pedicures – anything that makes you feel like you again, renewed and rested is yours for the taking. At Mary Ann Weeks Aveda Guildford and Walton Spas we offer a range of services from 30 minutes upwards. Book your appointment now by calling us on 01483 306655 for Guildford or 01932 240856 for Walton. You can also book online via our booking page

Stop Looking at Screens

Get Creative!

When you go out, leave your phone at home. Just do it! We are all guilty of staring at screens too much, so make a pledge to remove the tablets from the kids, put your phones away and turn off the PC. Just for a couple of hours do something completely non-technical. Play with your kids, go for that walk, get baking, make something from scratch and enjoy what comes up in conversation when nobody is being distracted. This is what memories are made of and these are the times you’ll remember way more than anything you’ll see on your newsfeed. If you find this particularly difficult, then you definitely need to do it!

Go Somewhere New

Get in the car and see somewhere new, even if it’s only 30 minutes away. Find a beach, a park, some woods or some hills and spend a couple of hours exploring. Maybe visit an old friend. Just a a short time in new scenery gives a fresh glow in the cheeks and can really revive stagnant energy that builds up with the daily grind. Enjoy being alive and grab the opportunity to experience new things with people you love.

Ready to get relaxing? We wish you a wonderful and restful holiday and look forward to seeing you in 2020!

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