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Product of the Month – Invati™ and Invati Men™ for Thinning Hair

Invati- A Solution for Thinning Hair

Invati™ in a nutshell

Invati™ (meaning invigorate in Sanskrit) is a 3 stage product range – shampoo, conditioner and scalp revitaliser for anyone who has thin or fine hair and would like to encourage fresh growth on their scalp and have thicker, fuller hair. If that’s you then we’d love you to investigate further to see if Invati™ is the product that you’ve been looking for.

Despite having fantastic reviews already; the Aveda Invati™ hair thickening range for men and women has been upgraded and improved even more, meaning it’s been really easy to choose which Aveda product we would nominate as Mary Ann Weeks Avedas first ever ‘Product of the Month’!

So what’s changed about Invati?

Aveda listened to customer feedback and have upped our game! Invati 2.0 reduces hair loss by 53% and the new formula is even more naturally derived than the original – in fact 98% naturally-derived from plants, non-petroleum and minerals! Instead of having to use revitaliser twice a day, Aveda have developed a more intense concentration, so you now only need to use it once a day. The Invati™ conditioner is even more moisturising after customer wanting more conditioning and the Invati™ shampoo has a thicker consistency than before, meaning you can use less! Great for your pocket and great for the planet! Finally, listening to the female base of customers using the product, we’ve now made Invati™ colour safe so it won’t fade your colour either.

How do you use it?

So let’s go break down this three step system!


Aveda Invati ShampooShampoo:
Invati™ and Invati™ Men shampoo acts as an exfoliator, using wintergreen derived salicylic acid that removes the build-up causing clogged pores. This formula cleanses the hair whilst nourishing and detangling gently, avoiding breakage during shampooing. This colour-safe cleanser will then be the foundation for your hair to begin looking fuller and thicker. So Invati™ shampoo literally does as its name sake – invigorates your scalp!


Aveda Invati Thickening ConditionerConditioner:
Next comes the conditioner. This weightless formula helps to protect the hair from breakage whilst instantly thickening it via the clever mimicking of the hairs own amino acids. These become the layers that help the hair to feel stronger from roots to ends and appear thicker and full all day long.


Aveda Invati Scalp RevitaliserScalp Revitaliser:
Equally vital to this care routine is the scalp revitaliser – a lotion to be applied each day that acts in reducing hair loss due to breakage. So the hair you do have is yours for longer. Invigoration is produced by an innovative blend of tangerine peel and Japanese knotweed, which penetrates to help support the natural keratin in the hair. As with most Aveda products, the amla using to instantly thicken and lift the hair at the root is certified organic. Our patented bio-fermented blend alongside our Ayurvedic herb blend of ginseng and certified organic turmeric will invigorate the scalp when massaged in. Apply every day for the thicker hair you desire.

Aveda Invati for Men

Of course, Mary Ann Weeks Aveda Lifestyle Salons in Guildford and Walton both supply this product and you’ll find the duo-pack gives you 12 weeks worth of use. Based on the RRP, you get 3 weeks for free compared to purchasing 2 individual bottles. 80% of users reported an experience of less breakage after 8 weeks of using the complete Invati™ advanced system.

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