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Aveda’s goal is to design products and services to bring you back into balance.

Many modern products contain harsh petro-chemicals, which not only harm our environment, but negatively affect our hair, skin and body and can be absorbed via the skin into our inner body.

Founded from the thousand year old Ayurvedic belief system, Aveda respectfully gather and combine their ingredients from nature – certified organic, scientifically proven and sustainable pure plant and flower essences – that create hair and skincare products that are high performing yet gentle consumers, salon staff and the earth. Every care, right down to the sustainable and ethically sourced packaging, is taken to ensure delivery of a premium product that you can trust in.

Mary Ann Weeks at Aveda Guildford and Walton stores stock the full range of Aveda products. Please visit us in store and our friendly team of experts will advise you for all your skin and hair care needs.

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