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Protecting Your Hair Against Winter! Hairdresser Tips from Aveda

From the blissful and balmy September we saw in Surrey, October has given us rain, cold and wind and there’s been no doubt that the seasons are finally changing! Autumn brings new challenges for the Guildford and Walton stylists. Any hairdresser will tell you, there’s nothing quite so heartbreaking as seeing a painstakingly perfected hairstyle get squashed by a winter hat, or blown into oblivion by Autumn wind as a guest walks out of our salon doors!

But besides the hairdresser woes, have you ever wondered why when it starts getting colder we make sure we have packed hand cream and our lip balm, but we don’t think about how our hair is reacting and coping? There’s a lot that changes with the seasons, and like with everything else, your hair goes through a transformation all of its own. Winterising isn’t just for swimming pools and wardrobes, it’s for your hair too!

The Aveda philosophy is based on Ayurveda, which believes in adapting with nature, to bring out the optimum in your health. You may have already noticed that your usual hair routine isn’t cutting it, so it could be that you need to make some tweaks to accommodate the different weather. Taking care to adjust your routines to the seasons is key to feeling and looking your best. In this blog, discover some great tips from our hairdressers as well as from Aveda about how to keep your hair nourished and well throughout Autumn and Winter. We’re thinking more breeze-kissed, healthy and fresh, rather than the ‘dragged through a hedge backwards’ look!

Best products for dry hair

Winter Hair Problems

Most of use know that the sun damages our hair, but did you know the heat from our own central heating systems can be just as bad? Our poor crowning glory is subjected to extreme temperature changes constantly. One moment hair is blown around, tangled and shoved under hats and the next indoors drying out with artificial heating. The air is at its least humid in the winter, meaning hair is getting less natural moisture.

As well as the lack of moisture in the air and being wind-whipped, we don’t perspire as much in Autumn and Winter. That means skin tends to dry up more, particularly the exposed parts of your body like hands and face. Even though your scalp is under your hair, it too can dry out leaving less natural oils for your hair shaft. Added to that, when it’s colder, we’re prone to blow dry hair rather than allowing it to dry naturally. It’s no wonder that hair becomes drier, more brittle and more flyaway. That means more broken ends and less shine.

As for the rain? Well, according to an article by the environment agency, a report called ‘Rainwater and Greywater’ a particular hazard identified about why rainwater isn’t drinkable is the ‘exposure to pathogenic micro-organisms’ derived from faecal contamination…If you’re pulling a face of horror at that one you’re not alone! The point is, if you get caught in a downpour, rather than seeing it as a fresh cleanse, you’ll probably be wanting to wash it clean again and more washing can strip hair of natural oils, making it feel and appear more dry.

How to Protect Your Hair During Winter & Autumn Months – Aveda Product Recommendations

As mentioned, Ayurvedic philosophy is the premise of Aveda. That means relying upon the provisions we are given by nature, using natural ingredients and techniques. Aveda believes that plants contain everything we need for optimum health and as a byproduct, our appearance improves too.

Start at the Roots

All good haircare begins at the roots and making sure your scalp is clean and clear is key to overall hair health. By using an exfoliation brush like the Pramāsana scalp brush (sold at Mary Ann Weeks Aveda Guildford & Walton stores), you can remove all the debris that builds up from dry skin and products. Using circular motions with the specially rounded bristles, you’ll generate fresh blood supply to your scalp which directly benefits hair follicles and promotes growth. For problem scalps or if you just want a ‘detox’ for your scalp, Mary Ann Weeks Aveda Guildford and Walton both offers a specific scalp cleansing service called ‘The Botanical Complete Hair & Scalp Treatment which you can revitalise hair from the root by tending to scalp health. It not only offers amazing results, but is also extremely relaxing!

If you are noticing your hair seems more dry than normal, you may wish to opt for a more moisture based or hydrating shampoo and conditioner. Sap Moss is specifically for hydrating hair without weighing it down. It works on the same philosophy as it’s key ingredients – Iceland moss that absorbs twice it’s own weight in water, and larch sap to seal in moisture to help it stay alive in the icy northern winters. Hydration without weight as you might find with the wrong amount of conditioner.

The Nutriplenish range is highly recommended for deep nourishment and has different super food based formulas like pomegranate and mango for different hair types.

For intensely dry hair, Aveda offers Dry Remedy which is enhanced with buriti oil from Brazil.

Aveda hairdressers are big on using a leave in conditioner at least weekly throughout the year as a way of getting extra nourishment and protection for hair. Stylists recommend that as ritual even more so during the winter months. Mary Ann Weeks Walton Director of Hair and Aveda Salon Ambassador Sarah Dean says “Leave in conditioners give that extra boost of moisture that hair desperately needs in the winter months.” Sarah recommends the Cherry Almond leave in conditioner as a ‘leave in to believe in!’. “It really is one of my favourite of the Aveda scents – just so light and sweet. You can really feel the quality of the cherry almond range when you use it. I see guests hair go from quite brittle and dry to super soft in one wash! The leave in conditioner works on all hair types to improve shine and reduces static which is brilliant for Winter“.

As well as leave in conditioners, the Aveda team also promotes using a hair masque once a week. If the leave in conditioner gives extra nourishment, a hair masque really penetrates the hair shaft on a deeper level. If you’re someone that enjoys washing their hair daily, you might find you need to invest in a masque to really see an improvement in dry hair. Specifically for an additional boost of moisture during the cold seasons, we recommend the Dry Remedy Moisture Masque or the Be Curly Intensive Detangling Masque for curly haired guests.

For something a little lighter, we highly recommend the new Botanical Repair Intensive Strengthening Masque Light. Likened to the infamous Olaplex, Botanical Repair is an incredible formula that leaves hair instantly rebonded, healthier and visibly more shiny. Although it isn’t strictly about hydration, it is about repair and we have been so impressed with the results that we’ve seen in the Guildford and Walton salons!

If you want an easy and quick moisture boost option, you can also try a hair oil. The Nutriplenish range includes a leave in oil, as does Dry Remedy with it’s Daily Moisturising oil. Both are formulated to really nourish the hair from the inside and protect and smooth on the outside. Simply apply 2-4 drops to damp hair working from mid-length and paying particular attention to the ends.

Fix it Bonus Tips for Winter Hair Problems

If you notice that when you take your wooly hat off, your hair takes on a life of its own with static then fear not! As well as the above, a little Aveda Light Elements Smooth Fluid will do wonders, or a very light mist of Brilliant Spray on Shine is another winner, which will definitely alleviate the flyaways and add extra shine to showcase your hair on evenings out.

Aveda Air Control hairspray gives you a bit more say in how your hair ends up after a breezy day as well as taming static. It’s so disappointing to spend a long while styling your hair only to have it squashed flat under a hat! Using a little Air control at your roots also helps to keep it lifted and bounce back to your desired look.

We hope that’s given you some insight as to how you’re going to deal with your hair over the coming months! Our talented team of stylists are always happy to answer any questions you may have at Walton and Guildford. Our team are dedicated to making sure every guests has the best experience whilst in our care and leave absolutely satisfied. To book yourself in, give us a call now on 01483 306655 for Guildford and 01932 240856 for Walton.

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