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Reaching Hair Goals – Post Blow Dry Styling Tips with Aveda Products

Wouldn’t it just be fabulous if we could all wake up every day with perfect hair? Unfortunately, the Aveda stylists at Mary Ann Weeks know all too well how much work and precision it can take to make your ‘barnet’ behave. The truth is, having Gorgeous hair is a series of decisions that you make every time you do something to your head. By considering everything from the way you’re washing (or not washing!), having regular deep treatments, blowdrying techniques, to the the way you’re brushing all play a part. But a lot of what contributes to enviable hair is quality products.

Our mission at Mary Ann Weeks Aveda Guildford and Walton is to help you reduce the number of bad hair days to zero and obtain your hair goals each and every day with minimal effort! Using the correct Aveda products can be an absolute game changer. So in this blog, we’re going to help you take back control and enjoy the confidence to make the right product decisions for the optimum results.

So you’ve washed your hair using the perfect Aveda shampoo and conditioner for your hair on that day (yes it changes!). You’ve then read ‘Demystifying Aveda Hair Products – Styling Preps Explained and know how to prepare your hair for the style you want. You then blow dry your hair, noting the (very helpful!) top hairdresser tips in ‘How to Blow Dry Your Hair Like a Pro‘. Hopefully, you’re pretty happy with the results so far!

Now What?

Now, we want to keep that style looking exactly as we planned all day (or maybe all night!). These finishing touches are the ones that might help keep your hair silky smooth, or lifted and voluminous, or in place all day for work, or your hair holding it’s soft defined, frizz-less curls. The excellent Aveda hairdressers, colourists and stylists have come together to recommend the very best in POST blow dry styling. So whatever your hair goal; Aveda has the solution!

Aveda Post Styling

Have a browse below as we take you through each post styling product category. Explore the different options according to your hair type and requirement.

Aveda Hair Sprays

Hair spray is to hold your style in place once it’s complete. Be sure to spray from a distance of at least 30cm and create a ‘cloud’ over your head that settles into a fine mist on your crowning glory. Each Aveda hairspray is packaged responsibly using recycled PET plastic. Air control and control force both have net zero impact on the earths climate. All the hairsprays are for all hair types unless otherwise stated.

Air Control – A light daily hair spray that holds light styles all day long without stiffness. Great for casual wear and keeping a fresh airy lift.

Control Force – Great for ‘occasion hair’ – think updos and hairstyles you want to keep in place all day or night, control force is firm and won’t let you down for those big experiences in life!

Brilliant Medium Hold – Great for texture and short styles, this medium hold hair spray adds shine… and smells gorgeous too!

Pure Abundance Volumizing – For when you want lift and extra firm hold that creates volume. This hairspray contains natural bulking agents to make your hair look thicker

Be Curly Curl Enhancing – Calling all curly heads! This is the perfect anti-frizz hairspray! Great for defining and smoothing your curls, thanks to organic wheat protein and aloe extract

Aveda Hair Wax, Pomades & Pastes

Wax, pomades and hair pastes are for a more defined texture for a more ‘messy’ look. Each has a varied thickness or consistency and each contains different ingredients to achieve different objectives. Wax and pastes tends to be the thickest consistency and gives a more gritty depth, texture and lift; perfect for short funky styles. Pomades and whips are lighter and will add some definition along with shine and will also help to control frizz or add curl definition.

Light Elements Defining Whip – Think layering without build up – a super airy formula for fine to medium hair that will add a little definition. Great for light styling in bobs and short wispy hairstyles

Light Elements Texturizing Cream – A very light wax to give a super light hold. Ideal for fine hair.

Brilliant Anti-Humectant Pomade – Fabulous for afro and tightly curled hair, this pomade works well in hot weather when your hair gets frizzy. Works by coating the hair to repelling moisture and fight frizz and flyaways.

Brilliant Humectant Pomade – Great for permed or treated hair that’s prone to dryness. Adds moisture to enhance your curls. This one is especially good for dry climates, it activates and maintains the waves in textured or treated hair.

Aveda Men Pureformance – Instantly thickens hair with, leaving a strong pliable hold suitable to tame and control any style

Aveda Men Pureformance Grooming Clay – Creates plenty of gritty texture with a strong, pliable hold and matte finish. Lightweight formula gives you control to create any style.

Control Paste – Gives hair a high-textured, low-sheen look that’s smooth, not sticky. Leaves hair pliable enough to play with. Suitable for all hair types

Aveda Hair Gel

Gel differs from wax because it’s wet. It gives a more satin finish than wax and hardens as it dries, so you get a solid control to your style. Great for short hair or the ‘wet look’ slick back style for long hair (think of a Bond girl rising out of the water!).

Brilliant Retexturing Gel – Adds medium hold styling and staying power. Nourishing plant proteins help provide softness, hold and shine on medium to coarse hair.

Men Pureformance Firm Hold Gel – Lightweight styling gel delivers maximum hold, control, definition and shine. Contains UVA protectors to help shield hair from dying effects of the sun.

Aveda Shine Enhancers

Shine enhancers do exactly what you’d expect! If your hair is lacklustre, dry or a little on the matt side and you’d like to add shine, then these enhancers work as the final product. They work well for long straight hair or for a romantic gentle wave. You only need to apply a very small amount.

Brilliant Spray on Shine – Simply apply a light, sheer mist of pure shine to finished hair styles. Also conditions and helps eliminate flyaway ends. For all hair types.

Brilliant Emollient Finishing Gloss – For more coarse hair, this gloss is rubbed between the hands to calm frizz completely giving a glossy shine finish

The next time you have an appointment to see your hairdresser, why not ask them to explain what products they’re using or give you some pointers about which Aveda styling products are the best for you hair goals? They are always happy to give you advice! Call us now to book your hair appointment on 01932 240856 for Walton or 01483 306655 for Guildford or for haircuts only make your booking online

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