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Restore Your Skin to a Youthful Glow and Rebalance your Energy in 6 Minutes

Do you find yourself forgetting to do things or just rushing from one task to the next? Modern life dictates a faster pace than ever and finding ways to re-centre and find the quiet space to connect with your authentic self has never been more important. The demands on our time and attention are constant and versatile, meaning this level of stress from our lifestyle begins show up in a number of things from forgetfulness to outbreaks in your skin to deepened lines from facial tension. Moreso, the subtle energies within the body become completely imbalanced and we just don’t feel quite…right.

How can you replenish your energies but still be productive in getting what you need done?

When we think of skin care, most of us have our own little rituals; removing makeup, face masks or night time moisturiser. Whatever it is, we often adopt a particular order and way of looking after our skin. So what if we could start to incorporate wellbeing and self-care into this mundane and daily routine?

Tulasara Skin Care

With Tulasāra™ we can begin to imagine not only the practicalities of cleansing and moisturising the skin, but also stimulate and revive our energetic energies.

Dry skin brushing has been recommended for thousands of years for a number of reasons, from the removal of dead skin cells and preventing clogging of the pores, to stimulating the lymphatic drainage system – key to immunity and overall health.

Ayurvedic doctors suggest that not only would facial brushing and massage with oils nourish the skin and release tension in the face, it would actually serve as a holistic treatment in itself.

This simple 6 minute ritual in replacement of your usual routine, could reap a number of tension releasing, feel good benefits.


aveda face brushTulasāra™ is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘moving towards balance’ and that’s exactly what this range aims to achieve. The ancient art of skin brushing comes in the form of a small facial brush – known as the radiant dry facial brush, with its ultra-soft nylon bristles, to stimulate and exfoliate your skin with its gentle peaked shape. It’s designed to fit perfectly in your hand and work the contours of your face. Work from your chest upwards in circular motions always sweeping outwards. Once you’ve reached your forehead, reverse direction and move back down towards your décolleté.


Radiant Oleation OilNext comes the massage with the nourishing oils specifically for absorption and deep penetration. Take 4 pumps of the tulasāra™ radiant oleation oil, and gently warm between your hands before cupping them gently over your nose and gently inhaling the delicious scents of geranium, rose and certified organic jasmine. Use your fingertips to massage this oil into your face, in upwards and outwards movements. 6 plant oils make this formulation including organic sesame, sunflower and jojoba seed oils, combined with rose hip, apricot kernel and sweet almond oils all of which are known to contain vitamins and nutrients that benefit skin health.


Tulasara boxNow you have a full 4 minutes for you time as you allow the oil to absorb into the skin, taking full advantage of its deep benefits. Make a cup of tea, look out of the window toward the sky or close your eyes and get grounded with a simple meditation. Try and do something that allows you to feel softness and stillness in your mind.

And that’s it. Feeling renewed and content, complete your normal skin care routine and go about your day. There are complimentary Tulasāra™ moisturisers for this range specifically designed for your particular needs; calming, firming or brightening to target concerns.

Establishing this simple practice every day, will begin to become a necessity it feels so good to start your day in this way. Women trying this technique have noticed a dramatic difference in their complexion, reporting a more radiant glow and smoother surface.

At Mary Ann Weeks Guildford and Walton, we offer the Tulasāra™ facial bespoke to your needs, with a personal assessment of your skin applying the relevant formulas to you. Whether your skin is dry, oily, aging, uneven or sensitive, we can address these issues, moving your skin towards balance and help to reveal it’s natural beauty.

For more information on this visit our Spa Price List or call us on Guildford 01483 306655 or Walton 01932 240856.

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