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Short Hair Don’t Care! Summer Vibes Bobs, Crops and Pixie Cuts

So as we start to look ahead at the hazy long days of summer, it might be a great time to think about brightening your look, keeping you up to date whilst giving your hair a whole new lease of life. According to Avedas global artistic director Ricardo Dinis, short hair is what’s hot this summer. “Anything from collar up, or cropped pixies will be really sexy for the summer”
The warmer weather is a great reason to consider a change, because humidity can really factor in how the end result looks. If your hair is in great shape beforehand, you’ve got the best foundation to work with and way less frizz to worry about!

Short summer hair bob crop pixie cut copy

Going short can be liberating to say the least, and cutting your hair off is cleansing, getting rid of the old dead hair ends that can literally weigh the whole head down. Ridding yourself of long damaged split ended and tangled hair, can be a fantastic decision that takes years off a person. Healthier, bouncier youthful head of hair that’s full of personality is the order of the day for short hair.

Benefits of shorter styles:

  • Much quicker to style, so more time to do things you’d rather!
  • Quicker to dry – Less hair dryers and so better for the planet and your pocket
  • Hair is so much healthier and shinier
  • Less shampoo, conditioner and products – saves money and better for the planet!
  • Your bed head looks super cute
  • You get to stay cool in summer with a breeze on the back of the neck
  • You are right on trend for this season!

Fabulous Aveda products for summer like best-selling Shampure Dry shampoo to give a little bit of extra texture, Phomollient styling foam to add shine and weightless volume and Brilliant retexturizing gel for boosting shine with medium hold or Avedas texture tonic to help define and enhance existing natural texture, will all help to manipulate hair easily into the style you’re looking for. All of these hair products and more are available instore at Guildford or Walton Mary Ann Weeks stores.

phomollient Aveda styling foamAveda Brilliant Retexturing Gel

Much as one would assume short hair means less variety in style, in fact there are a surprising amount of options.

With pixie cuts, adding some gel for shine gives the wet look, remnant of the 60s vibe.. Ricardo goes on to explain “Hair that’s worn off the face, tucked behind the ears; bobs that are gelled with a side part for something more elegant, when the hair gets tucked behind the ears, it does this ‘60s flick – you accessorize that with amazing earrings or cool vintage hair clip.” Equally you can experiment with middle partings, which have made a significant comeback in 2018.
Of course, you can always freshen up your colour too – temporarily or otherwise! Warm tones are very much on trend for the summer – soft pink and ambers or golden saffron are very popular for fair hair, where as if you’re really feeling bold the ultraviolet statement or even the bright strong orange hues give the true sunshine blast!

Luckily if you’re a little wary of too much hair change drama, you can simply trial a new colour using the Aveda hair colour shine treatments. With these condition and shine boosting colours, you can customise your colour to be anything you want, whether it’s giving your natural colour a more vibrant version or warming up a platinum blonde it’s all possible. Arrange an appointment with one of our Professional Aveda Colourists in Guildford or Walton Mary Ann Weeks Aveda.

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