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Build core strength, internal heat and cleanse from the inside out, with Kapalabhati (Skull Shining) Breath

How to build core strength, build heat and cleanse with kapalabhati breath yoga mary ann weeks guildford studio

This month’s pranayama focus is Kapalabhati or Skull shining breath, an advanced breath practice that uses the reverse technique of breathing to stimulate the muscles in the abdomen and organs. The throat, lungs, nasal passageways and sinuses are also cleansed.

Kapalabhati is translated from sanskrit as ‘skull shining breath’ because the very practice is said to make your skull feel like it’s vibrating and shining with energy, whilst it purifies the nadis (rivers) of subtle energy within the body, awakening the spiritual energy within.

A wonderful breath technique to get warm quickly, before a yoga class or on it’s on as a way to focus your energies inwards. Demonstrated beautifully here by the lovely Charlotte Temple in our yoga and pilates studio on Guildford High Street.

To learn more about the many wondrous benefits of yoga, breath control and meditation, why not book yourself into one of our many classes?. Our classes designed for all different abilities and preferences and our passionate local teachers can help you achieve exactly what you are looking for, whether better mobility, more flexibility, knowing how to de-stress and meditate or building up strength. Our small class sizes mean you will get to know proper alignment, and have the ability to ask questions and a discreet and comfortable space to exercise and focus on your own needs. We love to be a welcoming community that make our students feel confident, happy and that they are receiving excellent and caring yoga tuition. In addition, the luxury spa and prestigious salon are just on the floors below, meaning you can get all your self care fixes in one go at Mary Ann Weeks Aveda Guildford! There is also complimentary Aveda tea, or fruit water available before and after your yoga or pilates class.

If you have not tried yoga with us (or ever!) before, our introductory deal ‘The Namaste’ is 3 classes for just £30. Keep an eye on our studio workshops page too for our frequent beginners courses and workshops.

Try yoga or pilates in our beautiful boutique studio and see just how good your body and mind are meant to feel.

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