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How to Be a More Positive Person – 5 Key Tips

Are you sick of feeling negatively about the world around you? Are you starting to think it’s impossible for you to complete a conversation without bad mouthing somebody or something? Do you envy the happy go lucky people who just seem to let everything roll away without affecting them? Do you wish you could just be happy with what you’ve got?

In this article we look at why people get stuck in negative vibes and some tips about how to get a little happier about your life and what’s in it.

Getting back to the root of who you really are can sometimes be tricky when the layers of life experience aren’t what we imagined. Sometimes the waters are muddied by the cruel happenings in the world around us which we’re constantly reminded of.

We know who we want to be – more patient, more kind, more grateful, more peaceful, more conscious, in short the best version of ourselves. But somehow we get lost along the way and forget what it is to be content. How do we get closer to being the person we want to be? Can we adapt to our surroundings, however negative, and grow in spite of them?

It’s key to remember that nothing is perfect. Wherever we’re at in our lives, it’s important to embrace you as you are right now, as a perfectly non-perfect soul.  Accept that wherever you are, is where you’re meant to be – however painful and awful. The universe has it’s plan. Wisdom is knowing that life is a huge journey and this is only one portion of it. We are here to experience it all, the good, the bad and the ugly, it all has something to teach us.

So How Do We Get More Positive?


To start, we need to think about what kinds of things we’re choosing to expose ourselves to. For instance, if your social media news feed or choice of television programs are filled with negative stories about abuse, war, sadness or the demise of the planet, then it’s going to be difficult to feel positively about the world. Consider what you’re reading and subjecting yourself to every day. Could you delete (or at least not respond to) things you realise aren’t serving you or making you feel a particular way? With social media, it’s known that algorithms look for patterns of your behaviour and give you more of what you’ve shown interest in. If you become part of groups, pages and forums that are thinking positively, it’s likely you’ll be shown more.

What Company Are You Keeping?

Do you have that friend or family member that always drags you down by moaning about their lives constantly? Do you spend time listening to peoples’ problems? Do you seem to spend your time trying to fix others? Beware of toxic vampires, sucking away your time and positive energy! Now think of who you enjoy and love to spend more time with because they lift and inspire you? Try and book them in the diary more!


When is the last time you smiled at a stranger? Try it! You’ll find that the vast majority smile back (well maybe not in London) and you could even change someones’ whole day for the better. Smiling is known to trigger four chemicals – Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphins and when you smile, your brain automatically releases these chemicals! Remember, feeling good is contagious – once your brain releases dopamine (the happy hormone), you’ll find you want more, which will make you smile more and so it continues…

Spend Time Alone For You

Make time for just you and pledge to be your own best friend. Noticing your private thoughts and acknowledging negative thought patterns is the first step to stop doing it.
Write down 5 things you remember that really made you happy – then 5 things you’re grateful for (there’s always something), then 5 people you adore…  Then try writing down 5 things you’re looking forward to – however simple – like eating that chocolate bar, or reading that book, or lunch with your family, or watching a flower grow in the garden, or simply listening to music that uplifts us.

Stop Wanting

We are all guilty of craving things we don’t have and nobody said it’s not good to have goals, but if you’re finding that you never seem to stop adding to the shopping list, maybe it’s time to take stock. Recognise when you’re basing your contentment on acquiring things –  desiring things – and wanting things.  Realistically all we need our home, our food, the air we breathe and love. So why do you think that piece of jewellery or that bigger car or that dress will bring you contentment. The saying ‘The best things in life are free’ never rung truer than in todays materialistic world, where more people are on anti-depressants than ever before.

Practice Yoga & Self Care

When we come to our yoga mat, we take time to reflect, to reset and rest. During this time we begin to unwind the tangled mess than can be our thought process, we step away from negative emotions like anger, resentment, envy, hate and teach our minds to be quiet for a while. In this quietness we can absorb the stillness behind the mind. The place in our subconscious that’s calm, free, still.

The more we visit this place, the more we come to realise that this is our true identity, this is the deepest yearning and desire of our soul – for peace, for connection and for union. Like with anything, the more we do something, the better at it we get. Suddenly we’re able to recognise when we’re just reacting, we see how our minds take us down the rabbit holes and pathways to habitual negative thinking and then we recognise we’re not alone in our inability for self-control. Others are all challenged by the same things as we are, we’re all at various stages but we all want the same things.

When we finish our yoga practice we reflect once more – what does it feel like now? Where are we at after we’ve spent time simplifying our lives to nothing more than movement, breath, relaxation and meditation? The guarantee is that you’ll feel different at least, and better for the most part.

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