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How to Make Your Own Yoga Mat Spray

You may have noticed teachers spraying our mats at the end of each session when you come to our Guildford Studio for Yoga and Pilates classes. Although our mats are sent to launder regularly, the anti-bacterial mat spray peps up and cleanses our mats between classes. We have two – an eco shop bought one and a home made one, both smell pretty fantastic!

If you practice yoga or pilates at home and have your own mat, you’ll probably know that it can begin to get a little grubby after a while, especially at both ends where your hands and feet are placed a lot.

To clean your mat properly, you can put most yoga mats in the washing machine (not cork or mat ‘toppers’) but avoid using fabric softener as it tends to remove the ‘stickiness’ of the mat that helps your hands and feet to stay put in poses like downward facing dog. However, sometimes we just want something quick and easy that will refresh the mat, remove icky germs and make it smell delightful whilst you practice. Here’s a simple easy and effective way to keep your mat clean for those in-between weeks.

This simple recipe for home made, chemical free and naturally anti-bacterial mat spray is great for those with sensitive skin or allergies as well as being good for the planet.

You will need one spray bottle (reuse a rinsed out old eco cleaning bottle if you have one, so no harsh chemicals and you get to re-purpose plastic!)


Distilled water (you can easily make your own – see how to here)
Non-Alcoholic Witch Hazel
3 Drops Tea-tree oil
5 Drops Patchouli oil
5 Drops Bergamot oil

(You can mix different oils of your choice aiming for 10 drops in total, but tea-tree and witch hazel are the anti-bacterial so are needed). Peppermint is recommended for refreshing and uplifting after exercise too.


Simply add all ingredients to your bottle and give it a really good shake. Remember to shake with every use because witch hazel tends to separate.

Apply an even spray mist to your yoga or pilates mat from around 30cm away and then use a damp cloth or kitchen roll to spread and clean the mat, allowing it to air dry. If using kitchen roll, use with a light touch otherwise it will grate against the surface of the mat and you will be picking up small pieces of kitchen roll of the mat for quite some time into the future!

Your solution can also be decanted into smaller spray bottles for taking with you on the go if you take your mat to classes or away on holiday.

Essential oils can be purchased in Mary Ann Weeks Aveda Guildford store – choose from delightful aromas of Lavender, Bergamot, Patchouli, Tangerine, Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Vanilla for £15 each.


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