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Longevity of Life and Yoga.. How to Enjoy Your Life More, for Longer

An interesting article on longevity, by in house yoga teacher at our Wellbeing Yoga and Pilates studio in Guildford, Rosemary Gooding

Just a thought for Yogis and Yogini followers…. Are you practising the art of self care? Do you really take it on board that it’s so important to take care of yourself? How can you look after others if you don’t take care of yourself?

Let’s think about it; If we’re going to live to be a 100 plus, won’t it be worth taking care so that we can be healthy in mind, body and spirit? What good is it to be 100 plus years old, being fed and clothed by somebody and not being able to comprehend what’s going on.

The medical profession is running over capacity and we’re living in a culture that is top heavy, with the ‘caring’ profession completely over stretched. The aged, incapacitated and house bound simply do not have enough carers to go around. So many of our elderly community suffer neglect, with an option of sedation if they become mentally ill. Fancy spending your last years in a ‘chemical strait jacket’?

How are we going to educate people that the responsibility to look after their health, their bodies lays with them?

We must focus on longevity and live our lives as if we are to live to be 100 years old. There are so many ways to help ensure a healthy future and here are a few suggestions to incorporate into your daily routine:

  • Drink a cup of tepid water first thing in the morning, to fire up the digestive system before overloading it with caffeine
  • Have a hot / cold shower 20 seconds hot then 10 seconds cold alternating for approximately 5 minutes. Fire up the mitochondria in every cell in the body. Turn on the fat burning cells. Wake up stimulate the system.
  • Exercise everyday for at least 20 minutes – a gentle morning (or anytime!) yoga practice is an excellent way to loosen up the joints and warm the muscles
  • Consider your sugar intake and cut down on meat wherever possible – good for your body and the planet!

We say we don’t have enough time but what could be more worthy than taking care of the only place you have to live?

Take time to notice how your mind is doing, how you are feeling and where your mind tends to go habitually. It’s so often that the thoughts that arise are difficult to un-jumble and de-complicate! We might not always be able to clear the mind, but by developing a yoga practice or meditating for just a few minutes each day, we can find the mental clarity and stillness we seek. In turn we consciously begin to realise that a peaceful state of mind is the best possible foundation from which to live our lives – with a calm, thoughtful and wise outlook, led by our hearts.

Stretching it out in paschimottanasana – seated forward fold pose

Yogis love our stretches and we love our posture enhancing poses and in class, take on board what our teaches say, but remember, it’s better to practise Yoga 5 minutes or more per day than an hour’s Yoga class a week! Little and often is always the best way to change the outlook. 

Meditation  and mindfulness are real buzz words right now, but what do they really mean? What does it really entail to ‘be mindful’? Do you need hours to spend sitting in a cross legged position chanting ‘Om’?

The good news is, that no, we are not Buddhist monks in orange robes. We can take ideas from history but, can update the system to suit our needs in this lifestyle.

Try these simple steps whenever you’re feeling down or negative about life and see if it works for you!:

1. Compassion: Begin with extending compassion for your household; Feel their angst, their troubles and their hardships. Feel compassion for your neighbourhood; Imagine what they might be going through and reach out with good vibes from your heart. Offer compassion for your whole town, every single person that lives in it. Then your county, your country and your continent. Fill your heart right up and feel compassion for the whole planet, offering your love outwards, boundless and unconditionally.

2. Gratitude: Remind yourself of three good things that happened in your personal life and allow a moment to feel thankful. Repeat this musing for your business or work life, taking a moment to feel grateful for your job and your income. Finally, think about 3 good things about yourself and how lucky you are to have your life.

3. Dream: Plan your life three years from now, what do you want it to be like? Go there in your mind and visualise all the good things you’d like to include.

4. Plan: Imagine a whole day that you’d really enjoy. Feel it with all your senses. Then see if you can make it a reality!

5. Bless yourself: Believe have faith that there is something more powerful than yourself out there. Be it nature, god, angels, something powerful has got ‘your back!’

Remember, there’s no quick fix in life and patience is a wonderful virtue. Even if things aren’t going so great in your life right now, one thing is for certain and that’s change. There is always opportunity for things to get better.

To learn more about yogic philosophy, meditation, exploring how you can improve your life with our wonderful yoga teachers, book yourself a class today. Prices start at just £10 per class.


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