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Wrist Safety for yoga or pilates Mary Ann Weeks Aveda Guildford Studio

Sometimes when a person is new to practising yoga, it’s very common to hear complaints about the wrists aching, particularly if the person is unused to bearing weight into their hands. Equally if someone is practising a lot, the wrists can begin to tire and weaken. 8 little bones and a complex collection of joints are what make up our carpal system, helping us to move our hands in a myriad of different ways. Given the diameter of the wrist by comparison to the rest of the body, our wrists are an impressive part of our body, and it’s easy to understand how wrist injury is common.

As with most things in physical asana (postures), the core is a good place to begin to strengthen, because once we have core stability, we can use it to aid the shoulder girdle, the arms and of course the wrists. In the meantime, it’s really useful and sensible to spend some time nurturing the wrists and making sure they are well warmed up and doing specific exercises for strength building and to avoid injury.

In house Mary Ann Weeks Aveda Wellbeing Studio yoga teacher, Nina Lenger, takes us through a through demonstration of 3 different exercises designed to give full treatment for wrist mobility, health and strength building. Nina teaches alternative Saturdays at our lovely boutique studio on Guildford high street just above our luxury spa and salon.

In tutorial 1, Nina demonstrates how to mobilise and warm the wrists up before practice. This is important to identify and relieve strain and stresses caused by common daily tasks such as typing, carrying weight or preparing food.

For tutorial 2, Nina moves into working the outer wrists, continuing to mobilise, but now starting to test the strength and endurance. By stretching any joint in its counter direction, you will encourage fresh blood flow and flush out toxins trapped between joints.

Finally, in tutorial 3, Nina shows us a unique exercise designed specifically for building strength in the wrists. Although a little uncomfortable, a fantastic way to make sure you activate the desired muscle groups in the forearms to support the structure of the wrists.

For more useful tips in helping to create a body that feels as good as it’s meant to, visit our studio timetable and choose a yoga or pilates class that suits. All abilities are welcomed in our studio and we encourage every person to enjoy their body rather than battle it. Our knowledgeable and caring teachers are on hand to guide you through well thought out sequences to balance flexibility with strength and provide mental relief from daily stresses.

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