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The Cutest Hairbrush on the Block has Arrived – Introducing… The Mini Paddle

Small is definitely beautiful with this diddly Aveda mini paddle brush, the offspring of an Aveda icon. (In fact, did you know Aveda were the first to design the paddle brush?). This little one comes in a handy handbag size so you can easily keep your hair smooth and detangled all day long!

The clever extended bristles help stimulate and massage your scalp, just like it’s parent brush and with one missing bristle in the bottom middle half, you’ll get full ventilation which means water will easily drain out after the brush has been washed or gotten wet. This also means you’ll get less bacterial growth on the inside of the brush too.

Another little trick is to use the mini paddle as a simple scalp massager! Stylists will often tell you how healthy hair begins at the scalp and encouraging micro-circulation is key to stimulating follicles and getting rid of debris and build up.

Here’s how: Using the Aveda Paddle Brush, brush from the top of the head downward. Then brush from the bottom of the head upward. Massage the temples with the brush before gently pushing on the scalp with the brush, moving from front to back. Finally, try lightly patting the scalp with the brush, especially the back of the head.

Job done! Mary Ann Weeks Aveda hair salons in Guildford and Walton Surrey are stocking this little darling now, so pop in and adopt, we mean buy (!) yours today before all our stylists grab them!

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