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The Hair Game Changer from Aveda. How Nutriplenish Transforms Locks From Frizz to Smooth

Thanks to COVID19 bringing the entire Guildford and Walton salons to a standstill, the (then) freshly launched Nutriplenish collection never really did get much of shout out. But it’s never too late right?! Since reopening in July, we have lost count of the remarks from our Aveda stylists about fantastic they think Nutriplenish is! Not wanting to keep such vital hair info all to ourselves, this blog pays homage to all things Nutriplenish!

There’s no doubt that when hair is clean it looks better, but when hair is hydrated and nourished, it’s a game changer! Every hair type can look healthy, shiny and effortlessly gorgeous with the right products. Nutriplenish has something for everyone, so whether you’ve poker straight hair, tight coiled hair, or anything in between, this one’s for you!

Guildford Hairdresser

What’s included the Nutriplenish Range?

Let’s begin at the beginning. There are six product in all in this range to choose from:

So What’s the Secret Ingredient to Making Hair Look So Beautiful?

Like all Aveda products, Nutriplenish is plant derived. What’s different is that this formula is bursting with naturally derived organic superfoods! Using these nutrient rich fruits and oils to ‘feed’ hair with the nourishment it gives new depth of health. You’ll notice straight away how rich and strong your hair seems to be. Here’s the low down on the main superfood ingredients:

Organic Pomegranate Oil

Pomegranate oil is rich in Omega-5 which is perfect for dry and damaged hair. Every strand of your hair is coated and enriched without leaving a greasy residue that weighs it down. Pomegranate oil is used in the entire nutriplenish range!

Organic Coconut Oil

Who doesn’t love the aroma of Coconut? So good for dry hair, coconut oil penetrates hair strands to help condition damaged hair leaving it soft and nourished. Only the mature fruit of the coconut tree for the very best quality oils, coconut oil is used in Nutriplenish Light Moisture, Deep Moisture and Multi-use Oil.

Mango Butter

Mango Butter comes from the fatty oils that are pressed when extracted from the central Mango kernel. Mango butter is known for it’s ability to instantly dissolve and melt which delivers deeply penetrated goodness. Mango butter is used is used in Nutriplenish Light moisture, Deep moisture and Multi-use oil.

Sand Ginger

Sand ginger is variety of galangal, which is a member of the ginger family. A clever little UV filter within it’s makeup ensures hair is protected from the drying out under the sun. Found in the nutriplenish Leave-in Spray Conditioner, sand ginger is a key resource for keeping hair luscious and moisturised.

Which Nutriplenish Product Is Right For Me?

Aveda has got it covered with this simple and easy to use Nutriplenish chart. Just check your hair type and texture and match it to the Deep or Light moisture collections recommended. The Leave in Conditioner and Multi Use Oil are boosters for extra care.

Guildford and Walton Hairdressers are stocking all six products in the Aveda Nutriplenish range. We recommend that you ask to try it on your next visit to the salons to see why our stylists are in love! Make your next appointment now by calling 01483 306655 for Guildford or 01932 240856 for Walton

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