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True or False? Hair Myths Uncovered!

We have all heard the old wives tale about brushing your hair one hundred times before bed every night (in case you didn’t know that, please don’t do it – it wrecks the hair shaft!), but what other little confusing hair ‘facts’ have been told over the years that affect our hair care routines?

Let’s investigate some of these myths further and see if you learn anything new!

To Grow Your Hair Faster, You Need to Cut it More Regularly

Damage Remedy is fabulous for repairing damaged hair

Guildford Aveda stylists confirm it’s true that if you want healthy, shiny hair you’re advised to get a cut to get rid of split ends and damage, but there’s no fast rule about how often. If your hair is already looking good, there’s no need to book a cut more than 3 or 4 times a year! Although it won’t affect how fast your hair grows, if you’re on a journey to long luscious locks, keep the tips looking healthy and prevent split ends with a regular trim. Using a hair masque at least once a week will minimise split ends – hair down to your shoulders is several years old and will definitely need a nourishing deep condition. Our stylists recommend Aveda Damage Repair with quinoa protein that envelopes the hair shafts in the good stuff. Also check your scalp out and make sure it’s nice and healthy too so that the new hair gets the best chance of growing strong.

Use Loads of Conditioner for the Best Results

No no no… if you use loads of conditioner, it will simply weigh your hair down and have it looking totally limp lettuce. What you really need is a small amount of a high quality conditioner. Luckily, here at Mary Ann Weeks Aveda Guildford and Walton Salons, we have an abundance of extremely decent and effective Aveda conditioners that leave your hair silky smooth and shiny, like they’re supposed to.

If you have fine hair, perhaps just work the ends with the conditioner and if you have short hair maybe just use conditioner once a week. Have a chat with your stylist about what the best products for your hair are and make sure you join pure privilege at the checkout so you earn lots of points for spending your hard earned cash! Note – it’s FREE to join at Mary Ann Weeks Aveda salons (normally £10 online via the main Aveda website)!

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Your Hair Gets Used to Products and They Don’t Work as Well

This one is partly true in that your hair does respond differently, but it’s more about your hair than the product itself. Hair never stops growing, so the response to a product depending on the age of the hair and what it’s been through. What worked well when your hair was short, may well feel different on that same hair that’s several cms longer. Other factors like hormone changes, season, diet, pregnancy and ageing all affect your hair density too. We recommend having a range of shampoos to suit – for example a clarifying shampoo like Aveda ‘Brilliant’ shampoo to use once a week to get rid of product debris, or a deeply moisturising shampoo like Dry Remedy Moisturising shampoo for extra nourishment and a colour safe shampoo like Aveda Colour Conserve to preserve your colour if that’s your need.

If You Pull Out One Grey hair, Two Will Grow Back in it’s Place

Thankfully this is utter nonsense according to Guildford Aveda Salon Director Galina Sarbeva. “Pulling grey hairs out removes them instantly, but they do of course grow back. The follicle will continue to produce hair, but it will only be one so at least there’s that!” The truth is, if you’ve seen a grey hair, the likelihood is you’ll start seeing more, but if you get lucky, that same hair might be a slightly different shade to its predecessor!

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This isn’t such a bad thing, grey hair can be extremely on trend, but if you’re not quite ready for that yet, let our expert Aveda colourists seamlessly blend those greys away! Our hair colour is second to none, with rich colour and a brilliant healthy shine with it’s natural oils which drench the hair in moisture. Colour conserve then acts as a wonderful preservative to make sure your hair colour continues to be vibrant for weeks!

Why not book your colour appointment now by calling 01483 306655 for Guildford and 01932 240856 for Walton. New guests receive a FREE massage or facial in our luxury spa and you will take home a FREE 50ml product too! Our talented stylists are just waiting to make your hair look its beautiful best!

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